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Advantage Six Ltd announce the A75 range

Advantage Six Ltd announce the A75 range.

Advantage Six Ltd are pleased to announce the A75 range of ruggedised
ARM-based computers.

Measuring less than 1.75" x 8.5" x 10" (44mm x 214mm x 250mm), and
housed in a pure orange (RAL2004) steel enclosure for safety and
visibility, the A75 is designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble of
industrial life. It can be transported without fear of damage. Two A75's
can be fitted side by side into a standard 1U high 19" rack, or it can
be used as a stand-alone unit.

The A75 series feature an ARM7500FE processor with on-board video, PS/2
keyboard and mouse ports.

I/O Options include:
audio I/O
general purpose input
internal integrity monitoring
watchdog timer

Power options include:
Single voltage 5V
Single voltage 12V
Internal battery
Internal UPS
Unregulated DC

Storage Options include:
FLASH storage
2.5" hard drive
USB external

Choosing options above customers can generate spindle-free builds
featuring FLASH storage. This results in an almost completely silent
machine with no moving parts.

Running RISC OS Adjust or Linux, the A75 is envisaged as a "Rapid
Solutions Development" system. The ROM-able nature of the RISC OS
operating system, along with its integrated windowing system and BASIC
programming environment lends itself to extremely rapid application
development - solutions may often be derived "in the field" for bespoke
customer requirements. Based around a similar environment to that of the
BBC microcomputers used for many years in education, a significant
proportion of current practising engineers will find that they already
have the skill-set to develop simple solutions to complex problems using
the A75.

The A75 is the first ARM-based machine to integrate a custom build of
Embedded RISC OS Adjust (4.39). Standard RISC OS Adjust (4.39) is also
available. The pricing of the A75 is dependant on quantity, options and
configuration. The A75 is available to OEM customers, direct from
Advantage Six. Contact thea75@advantagesix.com for further information.

Example builds of the A75 hardware are available for demonstration, and
will be shown at the forthcoming Wakefield RISC OS show on 15/16 May at
Thornes Park Athletic Stadium, Wakefield, along with the A6 and A6+ - a
PC-based emulated RISC OS platform suitable for larger application
development for the A75.

Although a traditional desktop version of the A75 is not envisaged, we
are considering the release of a "developer" A75 with internal CDRW and
hard-drive, depending upon customer demand. Any announcement of a retail
version of this machine would be made via Stuart Tyrrell Developments
upon release.

The A75 has a dedicated website at http://www.thea75.info


Advantage Six Ltd
PO Box 183

Tel: 01706 848 600
Fax: 0870 164 1604
email: info@advantagesix.com
www: http://www.advantagesix.com