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Stuart Tyrrell Developments release Pocket RISC OS at Wakefield

Stuart Tyrrell Developments release Pocket RISC OS at Wakefield 2004

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the availability of
Pocket RISC OS at the Wakefield RISC OS show at Thornes Park Athletic
Stadium on the 15/16 May 2004.

Whilst every user knows of the benefit of the RISC OS operating system,
most noteably its ROM-able nature and compact efficient coding, which
facilitates fast machine startup time, the size of machines which
currently run RISC OS does not make it easy to carry around a simple
demonstration of exactly what makes RISC OS so special.

Here at Stuart Tyrrell Developments we are always on the look-out for
niches which allow us to promote RISC OS, and to this end, we are proud
to make Pocket RISC OS available to all our customers at the Wakefield
show, at a price which is guaranteed to suit all budgets.

Each Pocket RISC OS unit integrates genuine a RISC OS 3.11 ROM, hand
crafted into a useful keyring. Every unit is supplied complete with
certification of its genuine RISC OS pedigree.

Every customer who purchases an item from us at the Wakefield show will
receive a Pocket RISC OS unit completely free of charge, limited to one
per customer whilst stocks last. Pocket RISC OS is a promotional item
and unfortunately does not function as a computer (just for the
avoidance of doubt....)

For further information about the Wakefield RISC OS show 2004, please
see http://www.wakefieldshow.org.uk/

For further information about products available from Stuart Tyrrell
Developments, please see http://www.stdevel.com/