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Stuart Tyrrell Developments launch Video Cameras for all

                   Stuart Tyrrell Developments launch
                 Video Cameras for all RISC OS machines

"Seeing is believing"

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the retail
availability of a new real-time video camera device, along with drivers
suitable for use with all RISC OS machines.

The IPKam will connect directly to any machine with an ethernet
interface, and enables video to be viewed within the RISC OS desktop. In
addition, connections may be made to devices from within a local
network, or, if you wish from the internet via a suitable router.

IPKam is a single compact unit which integrates colour sensor and optics
directly with a network controller to create a drop-in solution suitable
for immediate use.

Power supply, network cable, ceiling mounting kit, tripod, and viewing
software are all provided.

Average frame rates:

A6: 25fps.
SA RiscPC Adjust/Unipod: 12fps
(results may vary according to network conditions etc)

IPKam costs UKP125
Unipod starts at just UKP99

We are able to supply a range of wired/wireless networking interfaces,
cables and modem/routers suitable for all machines.

Complete control and monitoring solutions for industrial, embedded and
OEM applications are available from Advantage Six Ltd. Typical solutions
based around A9 hardware will monitor and display video from multiple
sources at 25fps.

Further information about IPKam may be found at
http://www.stdevel.co.uk/ipkam.html or http://www.advantage6.com/ipkam.html.

Information about Unipod may be found at

All prices include VAT and UK carriage.


Stuart Tyrrell Developments
PO Box 183

Tel: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 744
Fax: 0870 164 1604
email: info@stdevel.co.uk
www: http://www.stdevel.co.uk

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2004