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Stuart Tyrrell Developments announce cute new product

Stuart Tyrrell Developments announce USB DVD Drive

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the retail release
of an ultra-compact external CD/DVD drive for use with RISC PC, A7000,
VirtualAcorn based machines and standard PCs.

Measuring a svelte 138mm x 135mm x 21mm (approx. 5.4 x 5.3 x 0.8
inches), the drive takes up little more space than a CD case, and is
ideal for users who want a simple to set up, portable solution.

This cute product is also ideal for those people using machines with
limited expansion capabilities to add optical disc support without
consuming a drive bay.

This would be particularly useful on machines such as the A7000 or a
single slice RPC.

Now you can have Unipod and an optical drive in your A7000 at the same time.

The Advantage 6 USB-DVD is supplied with drivers for Unipod and the
Simtec USB cards, a USB cable and a UK power supply.

Further details will be available shortly on our website:

USB-DVD is priced at UKP79.75 (UKP99 including VAT and carriage), and
will be available at the Wakefield Show.

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2005