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Advantage Six at Wakefield 2005

Advantage Six at Wakefield 2005

As previously announced, Advantage Six (the parent company of the well
known Stuart Tyrrell Developments) will be attending Wakefield 2005.

We will be showing some of the products we have recently been working
on, which will illustrate the directions that Advantage Six are taking
with technology which will be familiar to visitors.

These demonstrations will also make clear how our OEM work feeds back
into the retail market place and will be interesting and relevant to

The A6 range of VRPC machines, our A75 industrial control range, the A9
series and some products from our control and monitoring catalogue will

Come along and see the future!

Hope to see you there - The Advantage Six Team
Advantage Six Ltd
email: info@advantagesix.com
tel: 01706 848 600  fax: 0870 164 1604