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Stuart Tyrrell Developments launch The A6T4

Stuart Tyrrell Developments launch The A6T4

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce that Advantage Six 
Ltd's latest addition to the A6 range is to be offically launched at the 
Wakefield show.

The A6T4 builds on the established base of the A6, providing an across 
the board step up in both RISC OS and Windows performace from previous 

It is ideal for the user who needs Windows but who would prefer to use 
RISC OS, providing the ability to do both in a single compact machine.

The A6T4 comprises an Athlon 64 3400+ processor, a fast 200GB SATA hard 
disk, 1GB of memory, a Dual Layer DVD writer, an integrated 7-in-1 card 
reader and all the usual porta as standard, and comes complete with 
Windows XP and Virtual RPC-Adjust installed and ready to go.

Don't struggle and make do, use the right tools for the job - The A6 range.

As previously mentioned, we are now accepting orders (including for the 
A6T4) for collection at the upcoming Wakefield show.

Come to collect your machine at the show and you could win your money 
back!  (Or choose another fantastic prize.)

Customers wishing to place an order for collection at the show are 
requested to call the "Wakefield Show Order Line" on 01706 848 741, and 
follow the voice prompts, or email showorders@stdevel.co.uk.

All orders will be confirmed.

All orders not for collection will now be delivered after the show.

The A6T4 is priced at UKP1100+VAT, including a 17" TFT flat panel monitor.

Carriage: UKP25+VAT (not applicable to collected machines)

Further details of the A6 range may be found at http://www.thea6.info
Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2005