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The SIMON team release HeadTurner

The SIMON team release HeadTurner

The SIMON team are proud to announce that HeadTurner, the first
independent release from the SIMON project is now available.

HeadTurner is an application for the A9 that rotates the desktop to
enable the use of portrait modes (with a suitable monitor). This is of
particular use for working on documents and/or images which are in this
aspect ratio, as it provides a much more natural view.

We are also pleased to note that this is the first application released
specifically for the A9home and hints at its future potential.

HeadTurner is available now to those on the developer scheme for GBP15,
which includes updates, as required, to cope with the maturation of the
underlying platform.

One of the project team members commented, "It's been great working with
RISCOS Ltd and Advantage 6 on taking RISC OS forward and seeing our work
included, but releasing our own product like this is fantastic"

Matt Edgar of Advantage 6 Ltd, "Co-operation between various groups has
enabled us to tackle larger projects like the A9home, and we are happy
that this is continuing.  SIMON are playing an important role in this,
and it is nice to see them being successful in their own right."

RISCOS Ltd Managing director Paul Middleton explained, "The future power
of RISC OS is very dependant on harnessing the rapidly evolving
capabilities of graphics hardware.  Partnerships between developers in
the RISC OS world to accomplish this are echoing those between ARM and
graphics hardware in the wider world"


Contact: simon@advantage6.com; info@advantage6.com