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RiscPC expansion price contraction

RiscPC expansion price contraction

As a major developer of hardware upgrades for RISC OS computers, Stuart 
Tyrrell Developments are aware of the huge number of older machines 
which are still in everyday use.

Although RISC OS has come a long way since the launch of the RiscPC, 
with advances like RISC OS Adjust, Iyonix and the new A9home the unique 
design of the RPC is a classic, and enables them to be upgraded in ways 
never envisaged via expansion cards such as our Unipod.

Why not treat yourself and your long serving machine to a nice shiny new 
upgrade from STD, either to increase the performace of your RiscPC, or 
to add further functionality and usefulness? Especially when, with the 
STD Winter Sale, you can do just that for less!

We have selected a range of our most popular RiscPC upgrades to include 
in the sale, these are detailed below. More complete descriptions of all 
of our products may be found on our website at http://www.stdevel.co.uk.

Sale items
* Fully Enabled Unipod : Normally 139.00, sale price 125.00
- Our popular Unipod offers 32-bit Networking, IDE and USB in a single 
expansion card.

* NET100 : Normally 89.00, sale price 75.00
- Provides 100BaseT networking via 16-bit NIC slot, slower than, but 
otherwise the same technology as the Unipod.

* IDE Card: Normally 50.00, sale price 35.00
- A compact expansion card giving 2 IDE ports (4 devices).

* PS2MouseMini: Normally 20.00, sale offer - add a 3-button PS/2 mouse 
to your order for free.
- Our massively-selling mouse interface enables the use of PC-style 
mice, trackballs etc.

* Keyboard controlled switch: sale offer - add a PS2MouseMini or a 
3-button PS/2 mouse to your order for free.
2 way: 89.00
4 way: 129.00
- Acclaimed robust complete keyboard/mouse/monitor switch modified to be 
safe for the RiscPC.

The Winter Sale also extends to many of our networking packs, where a 
NET100 may be replaced with a fully unlocked Unipod at no extra cost - 
see http://www.stdevel.co.uk/bundles/net.html for more details.

Sale items are offered for one month from today - ending on 13th Feb, 
while stocks last, not valid with any other offer.

All prices include VAT and UK carriage.

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2005