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Wakefield Show Press Release

The Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club have after much debate and reviews,
once again decided to run another Wakefield Show.

This year's event will be held on Saturday 13th May and is once again
at its now usual home of Thornes Park Athletics Stadium.

The event will be open to the public between 10 am and 5 pm.

We will be once again be offering the opportunity to get your tickets
in advance, these will be available from April and as usual will be a
cheaper than on the day (advance credit card ticket orders will also
be available from April).

Tickets will cost:

Advance: 5 pounds
On the Day: 6 pounds
Under 6's FREE

We have managed to maintain our prices despite increased operating

A number of companies have advance booked their attendance already,
these include:

Advantage 6 / Stuart Tyrrell Developments
3QD (Virtual Acorn)
M W Software
R-Comp / R-Comp Interactive
Spellings Computer Services
Charity Stall

Although we will be running a charity stall raising money for the
Wakefield Hospice as usual. We will not be accepting large bulky
items, like computers, monitors and printers, primarily as a result of
the appalling abuse last year, where someone 'donated' around 40 PC's
and monitors from a company despite the fact we clearly indicated we
could not accept PC's. This cost both us and the charity money to
dispose of them.

We have become one of their biggest group sponsors (5th largest last
year) of the Hospice - all thanks to you the visitors to the show.

We are considering an idea whereby people may make arrangements
between them to sell/donate there old RISC OS kit and have a meeting
point at the show. I welcome people thoughts on how this could be

Once again I am planning a show theatre and full details of the
program will be announced near the show date. It is possible the
theatre size will be smaller then usual due to circumstances beyond
our control.

We will have some form of Catering in operation as usual upstairs, but
it will not be done by our usual caterers this year, due to problems.
I am endeavouring to resolve this particular problem. It is expected
(subject to confirmation nearer the time) we will have at least hot
and cold drinks available plus sandwiches.

There will also be much more limited AA signing this year. It will be
restricted to the immediate area near the venue rather then from the

Also regrettably we will not be running a mini-bus service this year
the station.

An addition problem this year is that the Council owners of the
Thornes Park Stadium have decided to build a new purpose designed
Gymnasium to the back of the main stadium building, and thus we could
lose a up to half the hall. The current timetable for this building
work is between March and July this year, this will have some impact
on the show arrangements but is not likely to interfere with it
running so far as we know, we are in weekly contact with the stadium

Show Sponsors include:

Advantage 6
3QD (Virtual Acorn)
M W Software
Spellings Computer Services

The updated show website will be going live in the next couple of
weeks and will be at:


Keep checking for the latest news.

Most companies will be receiving their information packs over the next
few days, if you think you have been missed please do get in touch.

For those of you interested in why we are only doing a one day event,
its primarily down to real world economics! The attendance on the
Sunday last year no longer justified the extra costs to both us and
the exhibitors in doing a two day event, as well as the complication
of having enough helpers available.

For enquires about the show, please email:


Chris Hughes
Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club