The Icon Bar Technology news and views DDE tools updated to DDE28c Over the summer, ROOL quietly slipped out another update to their DDE toolset. We saw an update in April and the July release of DDEc is another incremental release. PackMan in practice For this first article looking at how to create PackMan/RiscPkg packages, I've decided to use my SunEd program as a guinea pig. Being a simple C application with no dependencies on other packages, it'll be one of the most straightforward things on my site to get working, and one of the easiest for other people to understand. Orpheus hits crowdfunding target In July, Orpheus announced their plan to crowdfund their new project. RISC OS interview with Jerverm Vermeulen This time, it is our pleasure to interview Jerverm Vermeulen, who has just released a RISC OS remake of the old BBC Micro game Dickie Brickie, which is now free on !Store. Acorn World at Cambridge computer museum, 8-9th Sept 2018 Acorn World 2018 August News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? The state of PackMan in 2018 In a previous article we've looked at what software is available via !PackMan. But what if you're a developer who wants to get your software listed - where do you start? Elesar releases new version of Prophet Hot on the heels of updating Font Directory Pro, Elesar have announced a new release of the resurrected Accounting package Prophet. Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign RISC OS friendly ISP and hosting provider Orpheus Internet have recently launched a crowd funding campaign, with the goal of helping to raise the funds needed to set up a second data centre in a new location. This new data centre will act as a mirror of their primary data centre, providing some much-needed redundancy for when things go wrong - like the incident early last month that left all of their servers unreachable for several hours, and left some systems down for a couple of days. July News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?