The Icon Bar Technology news and views David Pilling Treasure Trove If you are looking to learn about software, there is a treasure trove of source code and resources available on the Internet. South-West Show Q and A With the South-West Show a month away, we hunted down the organisers for some more details.... 3 key dates for your diary in 2019 While you are still in New Year's resolution mode, there are 3 key dates which should be in your diary for 2019. We are very lucky in the RISC OS World to have 3 Shows spread across the country and they diary. They are where all the big announcements are made, and the chance to meet developers and other RISC OS users. It is worth attending at least one (if not all 3). December news Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS interview with Chris Williams For your Christmas treat this year, we have an interview with Chris Williams, of Drobe and The Register fame. Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas from Iconbar. The Book of Arcade Games reviews What is apache? With RISC OS switching to the Apache licence, here is your brief intro to the world of Apache.... November news Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Drag'n'Drop Summer 2018 edition reviewed PackMan in practice, part 2 As mentioned at the end of part one, this article about creating PackMan packages is going to look at what's necessary to generate distribution index files, ROOL pointer files, and how these tasks can be automated. Towards the end I'll also be taking a look at some options for automating the uploading of the files to your website.