The Icon Bar Technology news and views How fast is RPC-Emu? In 2016, we published 2 articles (Native versus emulation parts 1 and 2 using the benchmarks from Chris Hall comparison of RISC OS machines. He has lots of scores for other systems there. July News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Impression Publisher reaches release 4c The Impression family of DTP products for RISC OS seems to be undergoing something of a revival at present. Impression Style (the standard version of the product) is now free, while Impression-X, the high end version, is now back in active development with Richard Keefe. He is running a subscription scheme providing updated versions of Impression-X. Tom Williamson talks to Rougol online Rougol has moved online and tonight we had Tom Williamson as the speaker. Archive 25 release schedule announced Hot on the heels of Archive 24:6 being released, Gavin Smith has announced some dates and plans for Archive edition 25. Archive 24:6 reviewed Archive 24:6 has now been sent out to subscribers (in a nice biodegradable poly bag). This is a landmark issue in a number of ways. With the sad death of Jim Nagel earlier this year, the edition has been finished off by Jim's sons as a tribute to Jim. So this is the last Nagel edited edition and the last magazine in Volume 24. RISC OS interview with Gavin Smith Archive magazine has a new editor. We tracked down Gavin Smith to find out more about him and his plans... Archive 24:6 is 'in the post' and free to read online Archive 24:6 is now on its way to subscribers. It looks like a great last issue from the Nagel team, with 60 packed pages in colour! June News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? ROOL releases PI RC16 In a sign that RISC OS 5.28 is hopefully fast approaching, ROOL have released a new download for RaspberryPi with RC 16. You can download it for free from the ROOL website and it needs an SD card bigger than 2GB.