The Icon Bar Technology news and views Jason Tribbeck talks sound to ROUGOL One of the great successes of the summer has been the ROUGOL online meetings on Zoom. Being online instead of in London has allowed a much wider range of speakers and attendees. The talks start at 7:45pm on Zoom, and there is usually chat before and after the meetings. There are usually 30-40 people attending. RISC OS Interview with Stefan Frohling This time round we would like to introduce you to Stefan Frohling who is behind the CloverLeaf project. Many thanks to Stefan for taking part. Rougol announces more details of online London Show Rougol have given us more details of their plans for the online London Show RPCEmu updated for MacOS In a previous post, we were very excited about the new release of RPCEmu for Linux and Windows. The good news is that Mac owners can now get equally excited as 0.9.3 has been ported onto the Mac by Timothy Coltman. Get your invitation to the London Show This year the RISC OS London show is online so there is no excuse not to attend... Impression Free newsletters With Impression Style now freely available and running on cheap modern hardware and Impression being actively developed, the Impression family is back as a serious DTP contender. Recent Rougol talks released on youtube Rougol has been going from strength to strength with its switch to online meetings. Being online has allowed them to tap into a wide range of global speakers and attendance has been up in the 40s for most meetings. It has also allowed the talks to be easily recorded. So if you missed any of the recent talks, you can now catch-up on youtube. DDE 29 release from ROOL DDE 29 was released by ROOL at the London Show and continues to evolve. ROOL has now released DDE29c. The Desktop Development Environment is a set of development tools for RISC OS covering Assembler, C/C++ and BASIC. These include tools to write, and debug your programs, the ToolBox to create the GUI interface and the ABC BASIC compiler. A different kind of Archive Show report This year is a little bit different (you might have noticed). So events like the RISC OS shows are different. There are lots of online events, but unlikely to be the traditional 'physical' show where you can wonder round the stands. So Gavin Smith, the new editor of Archive Magazine, is thinking of a different kind of Show report for the London Show in the October edition of Archive magazine. September News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?