The Icon Bar Technology news and views Updated RISC OS Git client sent to beta testers ROOL have sent a new beta release of the RISC OS Git client to registered testers. London Show 2023 cancelled Rougol have announced that there will be no London Show in 2023. Rougol September 2023 meeting is an informal chat The September Rougol meeting in an informal chat on or offline which kicks off at 6.30pm in the Duke of Sussex and online at 7.30pm on Zoom (usual link or contact Rougol for one). Elesar releases an Econet adapter for RiscPC There is still lots of interest in legacy kit and Elesar's latest product to support this market is an Econet adapter for the RiscPC. WROCC September 2023 meeting - Mark Moxon on Elite Wakefield's September speaker was Mark Moxon (former Acorn magazine editor) and arguably number one Elite fan..... WROCC September meeting is very Elite The September WROCC talk on wednesday night features Mark Moxon talking about Elite (and possibly some other games). August 2023 News Summary Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? WROCC August Newsletter Volume 41:5 reviewed The AUGUST edition of the WROCC Newsletter was mailed out to all club members last week. Rougol August 2023 meeting is an informal chat The August Rougol meeting in an informal chat on or offline New Rogue game from Jereon Vermeulen Jeroen has added a new game to his growing games collection.