The Icon Bar Technology news and views Rougol June talk is next week Just a reminder that the Rougol June talk is on monday. FOURtress reviewed as a RISC OS machine RISCOSbits has been establishing a strong reputation for producing stylish cases for the Raspberry Pi boards running RISC OS with generally silly names. I already have a PiHard at work, but I do have a small space at home. So I decided to check out the new FOURtress. So what is it like as a RISC OS machine? Organizer updated to 2.29a While they were not speaking at the Wakefield Show, the Organizer team took the opportunity to release another minor update - 2.29a MoreDesk software goes free MoreDesk (from 7th Software) is one of those really useful utilities which adds additional functionality to the RISC OS desktop. And there is absolutely no reason not to try it now that the software is free! First impressions of the RISCOSbits FOURtress The FOURtress is one of the growing stable of machines available from RISCOSbits. PiTools reviewed R-Comp have now released some of the software they provide with their own Pi machines for other Pi users as PiTools. So I decided to install it on my PiHard system. DDE30a updated to DDE30b Just after Wakefield, ROOL released another incremental to the DDE toolset. Testing on RISC OS Introduction May News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS interview with Mark Moxon This time round, we talk to Mark Moxon, a name which will be very familiar to anyone who read any Acorn magazines.