The Icon Bar Technology news and views PhotoDesk new release reviewed There is a new release of the veteran image package PhotoDesk now available. Rougol September meeting Rougol's September meeting falls on monday 19th September, which is now a bank holiday and the Queen's funeral. London Show 2022 is cancelled Rougol have announced that the long-running RISC OS Show has been cancelled this year. RISC OS Direct Videos -6. Programming with BBC BASIC The final RISC OS Direct video was released at the MUG Summer show and covers Programming (specifically BBC BASIC) on RISC OS. PhotoDesk 3.17 released PhotoDesk is a really powerful (and 'heavyweight') RISC OS image package so it is really exciting to see new versions appearing again. WROCC Newsletter Volume 40:4 As well as running an excellent monthly meeting (what did you think of Peter's money saving tips?), WROCC also continues to turn out a regular monthly 8 page newsletter. Dual booting RISC OS on your Raspberry Pi One of my favourite features of the Raspberry Pi is the availability of lots of different Operating Systems available for the machine. But you can rapidly end up with a large pile of SD cards on your desk for switching between. WROCC's September talk will save you a few quid This month's Wakefield talk could not be more topical... First Impressions of The RISC OS Developments Network stack RISC OS Developments have been working away on their new TCP/IP stack for some time now and it is available to download from their website. So it seemed high time for TIB to wander over and have a look. WROCC Newsletter Volume 40:3 Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club recently sent out its June 2022 Newsletter.