The Icon Bar Technology news and views Wakefield Show 2021 Preview This year's Wakefield Show is set to take place this coming Saturday, the 24th of April. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic ruling out the possibility of a physical get-together, this is WROCC's first attempt at an all-online version of the show. "Visitors" won't have any show stalls to peruse, but instead there's a full day of virtual theatre presentations planned, with the whole event streamed for free on Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. Reminder to set your clocks for Rougol talk on monday night (As if you needed it), a quick reminder that Sophie Wilson (the co-designer of the BBC Micro and original designer of the ARM chip), will be giving a talk for Rougol on monday night about the Future or Microprocessors with a Q & A afterwards and lots of BBC/ RISC OS trivia. RISC OS interview with Chris Johnson This time round, we talk to Chris Johnson, long time software developer of his own applications and more recently recently fo several 'orphan programs' from others. April update for Iris browser There is another update for the Iris browser (now version 1.010). March News Round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? LanMan98 revisited Another program to be 'adopted' by RISC OS Developments in 2020 was LanMan98. This works with LanManFS. It provides faster access to Windows network shares and also better naming and mapping options. I wrote this article on 2.06 and RISC OS Developments have just released v2.08 RISC OS Developments updates Iris Iris continues to evolve and RISC OS Developments announced v1.008 in their latest newsletter. Git comes to RISC OS If you keep an eye on the RISC OS bounties, you will have noticed one for Git. The bounty is now underway and more details are here. In this article we explain all you need to know about Git. Daryl Dudey talks about Graphics Programming Using DARIC Tonight's online talk was by Daryl Dudley, with a starting audience of 45 people. Daryl Dudey ROUGOL interview on monday Quick reminder that Daryl is the speaker for the monday night online ROUGOL meeting. It is free to attend and you just need Zoom to watch it.