The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS Direct Videos -4. Networking The latest edition of the RISC OS Direct Youtube videos (episode 4). What is your current RISC OS setup? (Justin Fletcher) Gerph's RISC OS development setup PhotoFiler get first update in 12 years PhotoFiler is a long-standing RISC OS application. It is now freeware, and have just received its first update in 12 years thanks to Dave Thomas. Own a Unique Silver Deuce Case... for Charity A special announcement from WROCC... Iris browser continues to evolve Development of the Irs web browser has continued during 2020, with RISC OS Developments providing updates to their shareholders in June and August. So how is it developing? August News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Rougol August meeting welcomes Cloverleaf Project Rougol is still online on Zoom and tonight we welcomed Stefan Frohling to talk about Cloverleaf and ChatCube (which was also being used by attendees). One of the benefits of being online is that distance to London is no longer an issue - Stefan was talking from Thailand and many of the attendees would not usually be able to make the London meet-up. Despite the clash with the Wakefield Club meeting, over 40 people attended. The London Show goes ahead online only The London Show has announced that there will be no physical show in October but they are arranging something online. How fast is RPC-Emu? In 2016, we published 2 articles (Native versus emulation parts 1 and 2 using the benchmarks from Chris Hall comparison of RISC OS machines. He has lots of scores for other systems there. July News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?