The Icon Bar Technology news and views Free Substitute Soccer game available on !Store Jeroen Vermeulen has been busy continuing with his project to convert Python games in Python from the book "Code the Classics" by the Raspberry Pi organisation. His fifth game (Substitute Soccer) is now available as a free download from !Store November News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Drag'n'Drop 11i1 edition reviewed The latest edition of Drag'n'Drop (now into Volume 11) was released at the recent London Show. Drag'n'Drop is a long-running quarterly RISC OS magazine published electronically as a PDF file. So you you can read it any Computer system. It reminds me of the 90s style Acorn magazines and is a mixture of news, reviews, listings, and tutorials. You can buy the listing already typed in. New Iris October release The London Show also brought us the latest release of the Iris web browser. Rougol November talk - RISC OS Pyromaniac update This month's talk was probably the first proper 'hybrid' Rougol meetings with 8 people in person and 25 (including the speaker) on Zoom. We were actually kicked out of our usual room into a smaller one, so 8 people worked well. Rougol's November talk is on Monday Just a quick reminder that Gerph will be giving us an update on Pyromaniac developments on Monday night. If you missed his last, excellent talk (shame on you!), you can catch-up here. Amcog Games Haunted Tower Hotel Released The latest game from Amcog was launched at the London Show with Tony and Sophia in appropriate costume (and they sold out of copies). It is a platform game, which runs on pretty much any modern RISC OS system (including emulation) and involves lots of challenging mazes with a nice intro plot, lots of spooky music and interactive ghosts. The game can be played from keyboard or joystick. I have a copy on my Titanium, but it is certainly harder to play than Sophia made it look at the Show. Archive 2021 Issue 5 reviewed The October/November edition of Archive Magazine is now available, or on its way to you. If you attended the London Show on saturday, you could personally get your copy from the editor and meet him in person. 'The Application Tutorial and Listings Book for RISC OS computers' reviewed As well as publishing a quartely magazine, Drag'n'Drop has been creating a range of books for RISC OS. Their latest release is 'The Application Tutorial and Listings Book for RISC OS computers' RISC OS London Show Report 2021 After an online version last year, the London Show was back in person (with masks) at the Feltham Hotel. Doors opened at 11am. It was great to be back in the usual venue after a 2 year break. You can see all the stands in our pictures and notes on the talks.