The Icon Bar Technology news and views AMCOG games at the January ROUGOL meeting The speaker for the January ROUGOL meeting was Anthony Bartram of AMCOG games, giving us an update of what he had been up to since he last visited ROUGOL (remember those days when we used to meet in person!). TextEase reviewed - Presenter TextEase if far more than just a DTP package. Depending on the version you buy, there are several additional programs included. In our first article, we looked at TextEase as a DTP/Word-processor and the packages available. In this part, we look at the Presenter application (!TeShow). R-Comp RISC OS installer updated to 5.28 Upgrading RISC OS systems has become much simpler with recent releases. We covered how in an earlier article. However, if you are have a RISC OS machine from R-Comp, it is even easier. You can also take advantage of their very slick Installer which was updated just before Christmas to upgrade your machine to RISC OS 5.28. Archive magazine announces revised publishing schedule for 2021 Having successfully taken over and published his first edition of Archive magazine (doubtless a steep learning curve he seemed to very successfully negotiate), the new editor (Gavin Smith) has announced sightly revised plans for the 2021 publishing schedule. What is your current RISC OS setup? (David Feugey) This time, we pop across the channel to find out what David Feugey's desktop looks like... Online events for 2021 While we still continue to live in 'interesting times' in 2021, and most of us are confined to our homes, there are still lots of RISC OS related events for you to join in. Book: Acorn - A World in Pixels Acorn - A World in Pixels, by idesine publishing, is a new 476 page book about the best the BBC Micro had to offer in games. From Airlift to Zalaga, a huge number of the well known BBC Micro-era games are included with wonderfully designed full-colour pages for each and interviews with some of the programmers behind the games and also the people behind the computers themselves. The book, published on 27 November, 2020, is beautifully presented in hardback form with an Acorn green bookmark attached to the spine and contained within a hard slip cover. December News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Iris Christmas release adds more features A new version of Iris is now available for RISC OS Development shareholders. This moves the browser onto an updated version of Webkit and provides several UI and performance improvements for users. Pass the time this Christmas with a selection of RISC OS and BBC Micro talks What better way to spend your free time this Christmas while we're not allowed to go anywhere than to sit back, relax and enjoy some interesting presentations on a variety of Acorn and RISC OS topics?