The Icon Bar Technology news and views What is your current RISC OS setup? If you are reading this article in UK (or most of the rest of the world currently), the chances are that you are in 'lockdown' at home. Millions of people have been hastily rearranging their homes so that they can try to carry on working from home as much as possible. So what does my setup look like? March News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RIP Jim Nagel - Computer Shopper to Archive We are all very sad at The Icon Bar to hear that Jim Nagel has died (not related to the current pandemic). Wakefield show postponed due to COVID-19 The Wakefield show organisers have announced that this year's show has been postponed, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic... Moving to RPCEmu for RISC OS on my Mac In a previous article I wrote about how the new version of MacOS would no longer run my current emulator. While there are some hacky work arounds for Virtual RISCPC, there is no indication of an update which will allow it to run on the new MacOS release. RISC OS interview with qUE AMCS are a regular fixture at the RISC OS shows. So we decided it was time to find out a little bit more about them. Many thanks for qUE for giving us the inside track... February News Round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS Direct RISC OS release - first impressions One of the really exciting features of the recent South-West Show was the launch of the RISC OS Direct version on RISC OS. Let us dive in and see what it offers. South-West Show 2020 Report The South-West Show took place at it new regular home on a wet, but bright saturday. It was the most positive and exciting show for a long time with lots to see and do. For the first time it was even streamed live on the Internet (but still much more exciting to be there). Here is what I saw wandering around the stands. South-West Show 2020 talks Here are my notes from the talks. As usual all errors or omissions are mine.