The Icon Bar Technology news and views Drag'n'Drop 12i1 reviewed The latest edition of Drag'n'Drop (the long running online PDF magazine for RISC OS which is published quarterly) is now available. And we are now into Volume 12... November 2022 News Summary Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? Informal get together for any interested RISC OS developers on Saturday night One of the positive things to come out of lockdown is that it has become much easier to organise things online for groups which are spread out (like the RISC OS Community). Clubs, event, and show organizers have flexed to meet the needs of their supporters with events online and shown how well it can work to bring people together. Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon This monthls Rougol meeting was live and in person (no Zoom, no recording and no post production tidying). However, we did manage to smuggle in a notebook and a concealed IPhone to give you the inside on proceeding.... Would you like to share your Desktop/setup for our Advent Calendar? Or Your IconBar needs you! Mark Moxon is talking at Rougol on Monday Rougol in person speaker this month is now Mark Moxon, ex-editor of Acorn User and awesome BBC hacker. WROCC Newsletter Volume 40:6 The September WROCC newsletter recently landed in my inbox WROCC November 2022 Meeting - RISC OS Open Wakefield's November meeting was held on a thursday, just to check we were all listening. It was open to non-members as well as the speaker was Steve Revill from RISC OS Open giving us the talk we would have had at the London Show if it had happened. There were just under 40 attendees. WROCC November talk is on thursday night November's WROCC talk is on thursday night (note the switch from the usual Wednesday night). Accessing Microsoft Mail from RISC OS My email on Messenger Pro stopped working recently :-(