The Icon Bar Technology news and views Updating RPCEmu to 5.28 Last time round, I updated my Pi to RISC OS 5.28. This time I am going to update my copy of RPCEmu running on my Mac from 5.27 to the new release which is a very similar process. Upgrading your RISC OS system to 5.28 With the arrival of RISC OS 5.28 you are probably thinking about updating an existing machine. This has become a lot easier with recent RISC OS releases. Gerph talks to Rougol online This months speaker was Gerph, talking about his RISC OS experiences and his new project. All mistakes and omissions in the notes are mine (apologies). PiHard 4.0 reviewed With the arrival of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi 4, I decided it was time to upgrade my old Pi 3. Traditionally, I have gone for a standard PI with just an SD card in the official compact box. But I was really taken with the stylish Delta cases shown in the RISCOSbits show talk so I decided to go for a more upmarket machine this time round with a PiHard. Free online build service for RISC OS It is now possible to build RISC OS code online with the free RISC OS Build system. ROOL updates DDE to release 30 Good tools are critical to the continued development and success of RISC OS, so it is really good to see ROOL continuing to improve their toolchain. DDE30 is the latest release from ROOL. Archive October/November edition reviewed The October issue of Archive is now out. This is the first edition under the new editor (Gavin Smith) so we were keen to check it out. As with the last edition, it is all in colour. October News round-up Some things we noticed this month. What did you see? RISC OS London Show 2020 Like everything in 2020, the RISC OS London Show was an online event. It was streamed on Zoom, with 2 streams on YouTube as well. One of the useful features of being online was that people could post comments in the chat window. Being online also allowed pets and children to show up as well... RISC OS London 2020 talks All the talks our online, so this year I will just summarise the key points on the talks I was able to attend.