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The Icon Bar: General: A7000 Schematics
  A7000 Schematics
  ss538 (12:12 27/1/2017)
  Michael Foot (01:20 2/2/2017)
    davidb (19:52 2/2/2017)
      Michael Foot (21:48 4/2/2017)
Sandy Smith Message #124001, posted by ss538 at 12:12, 27/1/2017
Posts: 7
Hi all, I finally got round to getting my A7000 out to play with and I found the battery has corroded. I've managed to get it cleaned up and replaced the battery. Unfortunately it's not for starting up just get a red screen. I've asked an electronics engineer to have a look at it but he's asking me for a schematic for the board. Does anyone know where I can get a schematic diagram and service manual for an A7000? I'd appreciate any assistance.
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Michael Foot Message #124009, posted by Michael Foot at 01:20, 2/2/2017, in reply to message #124001
AA refugee
Posts: 23
I'm not aware of an A7000 manual, but the RiscPC one should be close enough as the CMOS circuit will be similar if not identical.

RiscPC TRM at the bottom of this page:


Oh, Have you tried a CMOS reset on the A7000 (holding down Del until something shows on screen?)

[Edited by Michael Foot at 01:21, 2/2/2017]
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David Boddie Message #124012, posted by davidb at 19:52, 2/2/2017, in reply to message #124009
Posts: 111
It might also be worth asking on the stardot forums or at least following this recent thread.

Having said that, Chris Whytehead's response in this thread doesn't look promising for anyone looking for manuals.
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Michael Foot Message #124013, posted by Michael Foot at 21:48, 4/2/2017, in reply to message #124012
AA refugee
Posts: 23
This link might be useful also:


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The Icon Bar: General: A7000 Schematics