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The Icon Bar Mobile Feeds

PhoneEver eager to bring you all the latest and greatest RISC OS related news, you can now get The Icon Bar on the move!

As well as the main site for full desktop browsers, we have developed feeds for WAP devices such as mobile phones, and simplified HTML feeds for handheld computers. These simple HTML feeds might also be handy if you find the main site too cluttered in Lynx-like text browsers, or set top boxes that allow you to view Web pages on your TV. All you have to do is point your browsers to the following address:

Of course if you're using a mobile phone numeric keypad, using dodgy handwriting recognition or tapping away at an onscreen keyboard, this URL can be a bit tough to type, so we've provided even easier addresses for you to use instead! These all point to the same place, so pick your favourite version and just remember that one for all your mobile needs. You can also use them all with "www." on the front, which many devices pre-enter for you.

Currently the mobile site consists of news plus new and updated software that's been submitted to the site. We hope to expand this in the near future with other features such as Acorn Arcade games news, and access to the Media Watch section - both to read it and to post new messages, so there'll be no excuse for not telling us about those sightings of RISC OS in strange places!

We can also arrange for news feeds to be included on other websites, such as the Acorn User site. Contact webmaster@iconbar.com if you're interested in this facility.

AvantGo Channel

Listing imageYou can even get The Icon Bar via an official AvantGo channel. For those of you who aren't aware of this company, AvantGo provide both the software and service for Palm OS devices (Palm and Handspring machines) and WinCE/Pocket PC machines (such as the HP Jornada range). The browser can be used either online, or can synchronise channels for offline reading. It can even do colour on devices that support it (or 4 shades of grey on monochrome Palms). All this for free!

A special Icon Bar feed has been set up and registered in the UK technology section of AvantGo, but should be accessible from anywhere.