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Richard GoodwinRichard Goodwin

Rich is the benevolent dictator at TIB, beloved by puppies and small children (it says here). Along with Tim Fountain, Rich is a founder member of The Icon Bar and chief purchaser of bits that eventually make up the server. His hobbies include forgetting to write any new software and taunting newbies.

Email: Email Rich
ICQ: ICQ #19597894
Homepage: http://www.goodwin.uk.com/richard/


Andrew C. PooleAndrew C. Poole

Andy Poole is the resident Disney fan and (very) occasional poster of news.

Email: Email Andypoole
ICQ: ICQ #86111553
Homepage: http://www.andrewpoole.org.uk/


John HoareJohn Hoare

John hasn't bothered to write his Bio yet, but suffice it to say that his forum subtitle is "Perv the Impervious". And yes, that's a bra on his head.

Email: Email Moss
Homepage: http://www.ofla.info/



[No staff bio]

Email: Email Thedoctor
Homepage: http://www.themaincontrolroom.freeserve.co.uk/


Phil MellorPhil Mellor

Monkeys monkeys monkeys.

Email: Email Monkeyson
Homepage: http://www.monkeyson.info/


Andrew DuffellAndrew Duffell

Andrew doesn't do much on The Icon Bar these days, but in the past has been responsible for fixing broken parts of the site, and posting news articles.

Email: Email Andrew
ICQ: ICQ #163424332
Homepage: http://www.shadowfusion.co.uk/


Jeffrey Lee

Head procrastinator, and general fixer-of-stuff-that-other-people-can't-be-arsed-to-fix- or-haven't-even-noticed-is-broken-yet-despite-being-like-it-for-years.

Email: Email Phlamethrower
Homepage: http://www.phlamethrower.co.uk/