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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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Bob and Trev: Resurrection
Bob and Trev: Resurrection
A dystopian Acron roguelike written in 7 days and 32K
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Rougol June talk is next week

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:49, 18/6/2021 |
Just a reminder that the Rougol June talk is on monday.
This month ex-Acorn developer Michael Stephens will be talking about his work on updating RISC OS for the StrongARM, the Phoebe kernel, and the 32bit work at Pace.
As usual the talk is free and you do not even need to leave the house to attend.
Rougol website
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FOURtress reviewed as a RISC OS machine

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:20, 17/6/2021 |
RISCOSbits has been establishing a strong reputation for producing stylish cases for the Raspberry Pi boards running RISC OS with generally silly names. I already have a PiHard at work, but I do have a small space at home. So I decided to check out the new FOURtress. So what is it like as a RISC OS machine?
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Organizer updated to 2.29a

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:19, 14/6/2021 |
While they were not speaking at the Wakefield Show, the Organizer team took the opportunity to release another minor update - 2.29a
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MoreDesk software goes free

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:56, 10/6/2021 |
MoreDesk (from 7th Software) is one of those really useful utilities which adds additional functionality to the RISC OS desktop. And there is absolutely no reason not to try it now that the software is free!
MoreDesk adds support for multiple virtual screens to RISC OS. You can now regard your actual physical screen as a viewport onto a larger virtual screen or switch between different screens for different tasks. At work I have a work screen (with just my coding windows) and my admin screen with Mail, diary, etc on it. I can switch between or create a new empty screen for a new task.
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First impressions of the RISCOSbits FOURtress

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:38, 7/6/2021 |
The FOURtress is one of the growing stable of machines available from RISCOSbits.
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PiTools reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 14:52, 3/6/2021 |
R-CompInfo have now released some of the software they provide with their own Pi machines for other Pi users as PiTools. So I decided to install it on my PiHard system.
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DDE30a updated to DDE30b

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:10, 31/5/2021 |
Just after Wakefield, ROOL released another incremental to the DDE toolset.
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Testing on RISC OS

Posted by Charles Justin Ferguson on 09:00, 28/5/2021 | ,


It's my belief that when writing RISC OS software, people don't consider writing code that is testable (ie abstracting it to modules that have discrete testable elements)... which means that their code is mixed into the logic of the harness that it lives within (whether that be command line, RISC OS module, desktop tool or whatever), and thus means that they argue that it's not possible to do testing easily.
The argument that they cannot easily test desktop applications is reasonable - but only to that point. Testing an application in the desktop is a form of system testing, and requires you to actually be able to automate those operations that a user might perform. There are tools for RISC OS, like KeyStroke, which allow system testing, and of course others could be written. But it's not commonly done. Doing system testing, though, is a later state of automated testing, usually preceded by Unit testing and Integration testing.
Similarly, it is a fact that testing modules which execute in SVC mode can be difficult. If something goes wrong, the machine may just die. This is also a system test - the product is being tested as a whole.
Unit testing exercises the smallest units of the code. Integration testing brings those units together to test them in combination. Then system testing puts the whole together and tests the product's functionality. Usually there's system integration testing above that, where you're testing not just the product, but the product's interactions with the systems that it will actually be used in - the desktop, possibly in conjunction with real hardware.
Knowing what these are, how does this help with testing a module or desktop application? Well, all applications consist of interaction points where the user (who in the case of a module, might be another program) does something, and the application or module acts on it. In general these points are wired to the Wimp_Poll loop, or module entry points (SWIs, services, commands). Well structured applications and modules will have the work within those Poll entry and module entry points set up to just call internal functions. Those internal functions do the actual work, so it's easy to see how you might split off the code to test those internal functions.

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Avalanche VNC client get an update

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Rougol May Talk on software testing

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