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What's a podcast? [wikipedia]
Theme music provided by Jason Tribbeck.


TIB Podcast #5

Sun, 25 Dec 2005 04:49:17 +0000
Hosted by Phil Mellor and Richard Goodwin
WARNING: Explicit Content!
Our Christmas present to you!
* News: Graphics acceleration, Child's Play nears half a million dollars, Starfighter 3000 again, APDL release more 4th D games, Retro Fusion mag, moss is a star!
* Debate: Zap vs. StrongEd
* Interview: Paul Middleton
* Check it out: Nerdcore (warning! explicit lyrics!)
* Awards: they don't receive anything you know

URL: http://www.iconbar.com/Merry_Christmas/news678.html
File: MP3 (15.18MB) Dialup (4.10MB)
Duration: 32:02


TIB Podcast #4

Tue, 18 Oct 2005 17:51:28 +0100
Hosted by Phil Mellor and Richard Goodwin
Say hello to Ivy!
* Who's that girl?
* News: Searchy, Compose, Avalanche, RiscCAD, A9 advanced user beta
* We're 4!
* Macs vs. RISC OS
* Interview: Chris "Starfighter" Bazley
* Feedback: fonts and 'phones
* Time to go
"Ch-ch-ch-check it out" a cappella sample from www.beastieboys.com/remixers.php - gotta love those hippy rappers!

URL: http://www.iconbar.com/Podcast_4/news662.html
File: MP3 (13.20MB) Dialup (3.67MB)
Duration: 27:16


TIB Podcast #3

Mon, 5 Sep 2005 11:41:17 +0100
Hosted by Richard Goodwin and Phil Mellor
No, we haven't learned our lesson yet.
* Update: why it's taken so long
* Info: Chris Evans on his Triathalon
* News: Computer usage serveys, OpenGL for Iyonix, ArtWorks 2.5, South East Show 2005
* Interview: Stu, Matt, Advantage Six and their love for cricket
* Story: Virtual Acorn celebrates its fourth birthday
* Feedback: we have voicemail!
* In closing: How Chris did
Warning: features gratuitous usage of the concatenation "thuck" - which should not be confused with any similar-sounding rude words.
time: 29:05

URL: http://www.iconbar.com/Podcast_3/news647.html
File: MP3 (10.25MB) Dialup (3.86MB)
Duration: 29:05


TIB podcast #2

Mon, 8 Aug 2005 19:15:15 +0100
Hosted by Phil Mellor and Richard Goodwin
==Podcast 2==
A brief update to the first podcast.
* Update: what we've found out about RISC OS software
* News: new IYONIX cases; Spellings Computer Services is 10; RiScript 5; Risc World DVD; new Rage PCI software; Microdigital
* Features: Acorn tat; Simon Challands talks about Elite
* Letters: developers on RISC OS, and using BASIC
* Misc: how to get in touch; Virtual Vigay goes on strike
* Music: more music by Jason Tribbeck
time: 17:20

URL: http://www.iconbar.com/Podcast_2/news635.html
File: MP3 (6.24MB) Dialup (3.27MB)
Duration: 17:20


TIB Podcast #1

Mon, 25 Jul 2005 03:00:00 +0100
Hosted by Richard Goodwin and Phil Mellor
==Our first stab at a podcast:==
* News: Browsers, hardware hacks, The Vigay
* Interview: Jason Tribbeck - programmer, musician, and all round good egg
* Discussion: Random musings on RISC OS software
* Readers section: RFC

URL: http://www.iconbar.com/TIB_Podcast_1/news634.html
File: MP3 (12.57MB)
Duration: 31:20