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IYONIX pc downunder

IYONIX pc downunder

In a ground-breaking spirit of co-operation, a group of enthusiasts in
Australia, led by Ross McGuiness, with the unstinting help and 
assistance of Castle, has been working on a solution to bring a 
cost-effective IYONIX pc solution to Australia.

By adopting a self-help approach Ross and his group of RISC OS 
enthusiasts have assembled a high specification IYONIX pc from key 
components supplied by Castle, while all non Castle parts have been 
sourced locally. This saves significantly on shipping costs, and the 
first successful Oz-built IYONIX pc went live early in April 2004.

Following extensive testing of hardware and software by different 
members of the group it is now time to proceed with the purchase of the 
first batch of IYONIX pc components so that the group can assemble the 
first series of the "IYONIX pc downunder".

This imaginative enterprise allows Ross and his fellow enthusiasts to 
pass on huge savings over the standard imported price of the IYONIX pc 
and will encourage the early replacement of aging Risc PCs. Savings of 
up to AU$500 are achievable depending on the amount of memory, size of 
Hard Disc and CD option. Even more can be saved if use is made of 
existing, compatible hardware that may be at hand.

At the same time Ross is able to provide prospective purchasers with
excellent support based on his existing, extensive skills as the 
renowned spirit of co-operative assistance found in the RISC OS 
community comes to the fore.

Ross comments that, "We would love to hear from anyone in Australia who
would like to purchase 'the IYONIX pc downunder' as a fantastic 
replacement to their now aging RISC OS machine. We would also welcome 
anyone who might consider returning to the RISC OS scene or indeed those 
who would like to try something exciting and different. Either way you 
are invited to contact us for further information or to express their 
interest in joining the group".

Ross is running this service as a non-commercial venture with the 
support of Castle and fellow RISC OS users, ensuring the availability in 
Australia of IYONIX pcs at a realistic price. It is also a model that 
might be adopted in other parts of the world where a RISC OS community 

For further information please contact:
Ross McGuinness,
Cinnamon Coloureds Farmstay,
WA 6333 (Western Australia)

Tel: +61 8 9848 1781
Fax: +61 8 9848 1231
Web: http://www.denmarkwa.com.au/iyonix/
Email: Ross McGuinness [farmstay@denmarkwa.com.au]

Castle Technology Ltd
Ore Trading Estate
Woodbridge Road
Suffolk IP13 9LL (UK)

Tel +44 (0)1728 723200
Fax +44 (0)1728 727427

web http://www.iyonix.com
email sales@iyonix.com

Issued by Mike Williams on behalf of Castle Technology Ltd.