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Castle Unveils RISC OS Support for the MiMagic 5


Castle Technology Ltd is pleased to announce RISC OS support for the
NeoMagic MiMagic 5 Applications Processor (SOC). The MiMagic 5 is ARM 9
based and suitable for a wide range of handheld Information Appliances.

Neomagic are enabling outstanding technology for a new range of hand 
held devices. The MiMagic Applications Processor offers one of the 
lowest power and smallest form-factor packages. Together with excellent 
multimedia features and performance the MiMagic 5 processor is a world 
class product.

The addition of the MiMagic 5 to the ever growing list of processors 
that RISC OS supports, is a considerable benefit for the wider RISC OS 
community. Castle is pleased to announce that the support for the 
MiMagic 5 is the result of work being done by Tematic for large OEM 
customers in the embedded space.

Briefly, the MiMagic 5 Applications Processor provides the following:
- 220 MHz 32-bit ARM V4T compliant RISC processor (ARM922T).
- Dual independent 32-bit DMA bus configuration.
- Dynamically assignable DMA controller.
- Very low system power consumption.
- Frequently used codes can be stored in the SRAM.
- Multiple power down modes.
- Multimedia Enhancement Hardware-assist for video streaming and
- Digital camera interface.
- Low system cost.
- Supports low cost NAND Flash.
- Rich set of peripherals:
     SD Card, SDIO, MultiMediaCard, USB, serial, audio.
- Multiple Boot Options:
     Linear Flash, NAND Flash, UARTs, SD, MMC, or Serial EPROM.
- Video support up to 800 x 600.

Further information is available at:

Development boards for the MiMagic 5 application processors will shortly 
be available with evaluation copies of RISC OS 5. Developers interested 
in the MiMagic 5 application processor should contact Castle Technology 
Ltd for further details.

Castle will be featuring the MiMagic 5 demonstration board, running RISC 
OS at the forthcoming Midlands RISC OS show at the Motorcycle Museum 
near Birmingham, on the 4th December 2004 (http://www.armclub.org.uk).

For more details please contact:

Jack Lillingston
Castle Technology Ltd
Ore Trading Estate
Woodbridge Road
IP13 9LL

Tel 01728 723200
Fax 01728 727427

web http://www.iyonix.com