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R-Comp Interactive announce new RISCube MINI

R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the immediate availability
of the new RISCube MINI computer - a stunning, new computer packing
almost all of the exciting features of the RISCube range, into the
size of a medium-sized hardback book - it'll even fit into a

The RISCube MINI will feature a state-of-the-art specification:

Dual processor cores for smooth operation
      (single core available as a lower-cost alternative)
512Mb of high speed RAM    (1Gb or more optional)
80Gb full-size, full speed hard disc  (200+Gb optional)
Several (expected to be 5) USB2 ports
Built in CD or DVD writer
Built in media card reader
DVI digital graphics output for connection to LCD screens
 (analogue monitor and TV connection also possible)
Wired and wireless networking

Available running RISC OS 4 or RISC OS Adjust, and able to run Windows
software via XP Home (Pro available as an option). The computer is
able to run almost all current (26bit) and future (32bit) RISC OS
software, so you don't need to sacrifice old favorites to move

RISC OS performance is expected to be at least as fast as any other
RISC OS system available, and probably faster!   This is the first
dual-CPU system we've been able to offer using the technology found
in our popular RISCube Ultra systems.

The RISCube MINI is designed to be easily portable (fit it in a
briefcase, or flight bag) yet be a complete system (including DVD/CD
drive, high speed hard drive). The small size makes the computer much
less intrusive, and the built-in functionality means you won't need
too many extra wires sprawling across you desk.

Single core starter-units are also avilable now, as are the dual core

Pricing (including VAT) is likely to be 999ukp or less, depending on

Please phone us on 01925 755043 for more information, or email us, or
write to:

   R-Comp Interactive
   22 Robert Moffat
   High Legh
   WA16 6PS

Information will appear on our website once we have all the necessary
photographs and other materials.

R-Comp Interactive
22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: (+44) 01925 755043            Fax: (+44) 01925 757377