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Zip drives for the STD/Simtec USB card

Zip drives for the STD/Simtec USB card

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce the immediate
availability of a range of Zip drives for use with the STD/Simtec USB

The Zip250 drives are capable of reading and writing 100MB or 250MB Zip
media in DOS format, and are available at UKP89 inc VAT and carriage.
Full drivers are supplied.

The Zip750 drives are capable of reading and writing 250MB and 750MB Zip
media in DOS format, and reading 100MB DOS Zip media. Again drivers are
supplied for the STD/Simtec USB card. The Zip750 drives are available at
UKP119 inc VAT and carriage.

Both drives are, of course, also compatible with the A6. All media is
available from us.

These drives complement our IDE Zip drive offers. Further details may be
found at http://www.stdevel.com/riscos.html

About the STD/Simtec USB card

The STD/Simtec USB card is a USB1.1 compatible USB expansion card for
RISC OS computers fitted with a backplane. It allows for connection of
USB devices such as keyboards, mice, pen drives, MP3 players, scanners,
cameras and USB wireless networking dongles.

As the STD/Simtec USB solution complies with generally accepted
programmer's interface implementations, the Simtec API is suitable for
use both within and outside the RISC OS market. As a completely "clean"
design which does not rely on any GPL or sub-licensed code, the Simtec
implementation is available for license to large customers, and in turn
development of RISC OS drivers benefits from the input from these
customers - this illustrated with the unique support for DFU code
uploading which allows non mass-storage devices such as USB-based
wireless networking devices to function. Simtec is a Philips'
recommended design house for USB products.

Further information about the STD/Simtec USB card may be found at
http://www.riscos-usb.com and at http://www.stdevel.com/USB.html

About Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are renowned for their innovative hardware
and software for RISC OS and  other markets. With a core business
stretching from Special Needs, through Consultancy to retail and custom
items for RISC OS machines, they have the flexibility to offer novel

Stuart Tyrrell Developments is a trading name of Advantage Six Ltd.

Stuart Tyrrell Developments
PO Box 183

Tel: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 600
Fax: 0870 164 1604
Email: info@stdevel.co.uk
Web: http://www.stdevel.co.uk/

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd