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Advantage Six announce the A9 series

Advantage Six announce the A9 series

Advantage Six are pleased to announce their A9 series of RISC OS computers.

Building on the A75 range, the A9 series offer increased functionality
and speed, at reduced power consumption, whilst retaining the diminutive
dimensions of our other industrial controllers.

The A9 series feature a range of ARM9 processors, with a choice of OEM
options available.

The A9 is the first machine to demonstrate the latest version of RISC OS
(Embedded Adjust-32) from RISCOS Ltd. Embedded Adjust-32 enables custom
applications to run in a RISC OS environment on ARM processors which
have a 32-bit program counter (eg ARM9, ARM10). When available, the full
retail Select-32 operating system will be compatible with the A9. A9
variants suitable for running Linux applications are also available.

The A9 may be supplied to OEM customers in a number of configurations.
Examples are:

A9RM - Half-width 1U rack mountable ruggedised case (1.75" x 8.5" x 10").

A9LOC - Wall/Bulkhead-mountable unit with integral 8.4" TFT touchscreen,

Pricing is dependant on configuration, options and quantity. The A9 is
available to qualified OEM customers direct from Advantage Six. Contact
thea9@advantagesix.com for further information.

A retail version of the A9 will be available in due course and an
announcement will be made when the third party distributor has them in

Commenting on the A9, Matt Edgar of Advantage Six said "It's been a
challenging year, and we're extremely excited to see everyone's efforts
and hard work finally reified."

Paul Middleton, Managing Director of RISCOS Ltd, commented that the
development of a 32-bit version of RISC OS 4.39 (RISC OS Adjust) opens
up many new possibilities for 32-bit only computer users to enjoy the
RISC OS Select environment. Embedded versions of RISC OS 4 have exactly
the same potential features as the full desktop versions but leave the
choice of which features are to be included to the manufacturer,
dependant on the end application and target cost.

The A9 has a dedicated website at http://www.thea9.info


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