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The Advent Charity Givaway from Stuart Tyrrell Developments

The Advent Charity Givaway from Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce their Advent Charity

Every day during December until Christmas, Stuart Tyrrell Developments
will be offering items which are available free of charge by means of a
free prize draw.

Simply check http://www.stdevel.com/AdventCharityGiveaway.html from 1st
to 24th of December, for new items which appear each day.

Note down the draw code for the item you want to enter the draw for
(max. one per item).

Send an email as detailed on the site, containing:

a) The draw code in the Subject header of the email.
In the body:
b) Your name.
c) A full UK postal address, including postcode.

Entries for each item will be drawn on a random basis, and winning items
will be sent out completely free of charge.

Christmas is traditionally a time to consider those who may be less
fortunate than ourselves, and at Stuart Tyrrell Developments we would
like to take the opportunity of this series of draws to encourage
participants to make a personal donation to a registered charity of
their choice. At Christmas time, we at Stuart Tyrrell Developments
choose to support Shelter - further details of this charity and its work
may be found at http://www.shelter.org.uk/

Please make your own donation direct to the charity of your choice,
*not* via Stuart Tyrrell Developments.

Prize draw information and rules:

1) Charitable donation is *not* a condition of entry, and is a matter
    for the conscience of the entrant. Please *don't* indicate your
    chosen charity or donation to us.
2) You may enter one free draw each day, and multiple entries will be
    deemed invalid.
3) Entries for each item must be received within 24 hours of publication
    of the draw code.
4) No correspondance will be entered into, and we must reject any
    entries which contain more than the requested details.
5) Entry to the draw is completely free and no purchase is required.
6) Entries will be archived in order to allow for independent audit and
    publication of winners names, but will not be otherwise retained or
    used for *any* other purpose beyond this Giveaway.
7) Names of the winners will be available upon request after the draw.
8) To enter by post, please send a postcard detailing:
    a) The draw code and description of the item you would like to enter
       a draw for.
    b) Your name.
    c) A full UK postal address, including postcode.
       To PO Box 183, OL2 8FB, by First Class Post, to arrive within
       24 hours of draw publication.
9) Due to the complexity of local regulation of prize draws, we regret
    that entries can only be accepted for delivery to UK addresses.
10) Entries are accepted at the sole descretion of Stuart Tyrrell
     Developments, and may be rejected without reason or notice.
11) This Giveaway is made in good faith, but we reserve the right to
     modify or revoke the terms of the Giveaway without notice if

Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2004