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A9 Advanced Experience

Advantage Six are pleased to announce that, due to positive feedback
about the current state of the A9home from developers with beta 
machines, they are extending the beta programme to also include 
experienced users.

To benefit from early access to the A9home, apply today.  Qualifying 
users will take part in the phased release in advance of the A9home 
being made generally available.

As is the case for existing beta programme members, you will not lose 
out over retail customers by choosing to get a machine early.  Advantage 
Six will upgrade your machine to retail standard when that becomes 

For more details, and to sign up, see 

Matt Edgar of Advantage Six commented, "We want the A9home to be ready 
when it is made generally available, but we empathize with the
feelings of impatience that we are hearing from the wider user base."

Chris Evans, eponymous proprietor of CJEMicro's, the A9home retail
partner, had this to say, "We are pleased to see that Advantage Six are 
taking the next step towards ensuring that the A9 comes to market ready 
for all end users. Anyone who doesn't feel that they qualify can still 
contact CJE with their details and we will keep them updated regarding 
the retail release of the A9home."

About the A9home:

The A9home is one of the exciting A9 range of machines, running RISC OS 

Advantage Six are targetting A9 computers, through their partners, at 
niche markets.

CJEMicro's will be retailing the A9home to home users when it is complete.

Further details of the A9home may be found at 

Stuart Tyrrell
Advantage Six Ltd
email: info@advantagesix.com
tel: 01706 848 600  fax: 0870 164 1604