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Blows Other Christmas Decorations Away

Blows Other Christmas Decorations Away

Here at Advantage Six we take product development seriously.[1]

When asking our A9home beta programme members what the most obvious
thing missing from their A9s was, the overwhelmingly consistent answer
was: Fan Noise.[2]

Eager to please, and at no expense spared, we whipped up a batch of
colour coded external fans[3].  Only then did we realise that "missing"
isn't always the same as "bad".[4]

Six good[6] reasons why you *need* this item:

* It spins!
* It lights up in the prettiest colour[7] there is!
* It makes a comforting whirring noise!
* It causes a draught!
* It's free![8][10]
* It stirs your Xmas drinks![9]

All purchases of USB enabled Unipods from STD qualify, just say that
you're "Dreaming of a Blue Christmas" when you order.[10]

Also compatible with Iyonix, Omega and VRPC.

This offer, like other Christmas decorations, will disappear on the
twelfth night so you have just 4 weeks to place your order from today.[12]

[1] Ourselves, much less so.
[2] Sound seemed to crop up a bit too.
[3] As seen at the South East show.
[4] Actual reason differs from comedy one given[5].
[5] We're not stupid[6].
[6] Well...
[7] Blue, of course!
[8] Conditions apply, while stocks last.
[9] Advantage Six Limited disclaim all liability arising from this
action. See [1]
[10] Also available to buy.[11]
[11] We're big fans of puns! Make a fan based pun when ordering for a
chance of a discount.
[12] We're closed for some of that too.

About Unipod

Crammed with features, the Unipod includes USB, Networking and IDE
functionality in a single compact expansion card for A7000 and Risc PC
machines. It was voted the Best New Hardware in 2004 by drobe.co.uk readers.

Further information about Unipod may be found at:


About USB Fan

Crammed full of whizzy and glowy bits, the USB fan offers a slight
breeze and frankly surreal blue lighting in a compact
blob-type-enclosure at the end of a goose-neck cable for easy and
reliable positioning. As a result of its unique technology-merging
protocol and a series of high-level board meetings it is compatible with
Unipod, A9home, Iyonix, Omega and VRPC machines. We suspect it might not
be voted Best New Hardware in 2005 by drobe.co.uk readers.[6]

Further information about USB fan may be found at:


Stuart Tyrrell
Stuart Tyrrell Developments
A Trading Name of Advantage Six Ltd
Sponsors of the Small Developers Village at Wakefield 2005