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The Icon Bar: News and features: 4th Dimension Compilation CDs

4th Dimension Compilation CDs

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:57, 3/6/2005 | ,
APDL are putting out themed 4D compilation CDs, in an effort to squeeze even more life out of the range.The games have all been upgradd to work on newer machines however: StrongARM and RISC OS 4, including Select and Adjust, are all supported.

Each CD costs just 14.90 including UK carriage, a quid more for those ofyou in foreign lands.

The compilations are:
Flight Simulator Collection
  • Air Supremacy
  • Chopper Force
  • Chocks Away
  • Mosquito Fire
  • Birds of War
  • Spitfire Fury
  • Interdictor II
  • F18 Hornet
  • Sunburst

Racing Games Collection
  • Saloon Cars Deluxe
  • E-Type
  • E-Type 2
  • Powerband
  • Stunt Racer 2000
  • Drifter
  • plus bonus game U.I.M.

'Sporting' games collection
  • Break 147 + Super Pool
  • Grievous Bodily 'ARM
  • Arcade Soccer
  • The Olympics
  • Virtual Golf
  • Holed Out
  • Silver Ball (Pinball Wizard)
  • Kick Off
Bargains, every one. But especially the flight sim one.

Link: APDL Games
  4th Dimension Compilation CDs
  (13:43 3/6/2005)
  John Hoare (20:45 4/6/2005)
    Eddy Willson (17:45 18/6/2005)
      Guest (20:36 18/6/2005)
        Guest (15:24 23/6/2005)
          Guest (14:47 28/9/2005)
Simon Challands Message #87749, posted at 13:43, 3/6/2005
Unregistered user A few in there that I've not played for years, and one or two I've never even heard of (Mosquito Fire?). Still just StrongARM, though, but I'm guessing that if they at least run on an SA and RO4 then Aemulor shouldn't have too much trouble. If it does then there's still the RiscPC and a bit of cable juggling.
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John Hoare Message #87750, posted at 20:45, 4/6/2005, in reply to message #87749
Unregistered user Ah, I remember many happy days playing 2-Player Chocks Away :)
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Eddy Willson Message #87751, posted at 17:45, 18/6/2005, in reply to message #87750
Unregistered user The sporting games one looks good.
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Guest Message #87752, posted at 20:36, 18/6/2005, in reply to message #87751
Unregistered user There's a couple of bugs wih the flight-sim CD though isn't there? :frown:
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Guest Message #87753, posted at 15:24, 23/6/2005, in reply to message #87752
Unregistered user only with Spitfire Fury and there is a patch on the APDL website, everything else is fine.
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Guest Message #87754, posted at 14:47, 28/9/2005, in reply to message #87753
Unregistered user I also remember playing two player chocks away for hours with my mate on the old joy pads. The game was well ahead of its time.

Also Saloon cars, many hours playing on my own. Upgrading from the Astra GTE to the M3 and finally to a Sierra Cosworth to become the ultimate best. Again well ahead of its day.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: 4th Dimension Compilation CDs