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The Icon Bar: News and features: ArtWorks 2.2 at Wakefield

ArtWorks 2.2 at Wakefield

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 15:43, 5/5/2004 | , , ,
ArtWorks ClippingMW Software has announced that ArtWorks 2.2 is to be released at this years Wakefield Show. Also released with it will be version 1.70 of the free AWViewer which will allow third party applications to render ArtWorks files with the new ArtWorks 2.2 features.
The main new feature in ArtWorks 2.2 is ClipView, which adds dynamic clipping to graphical effects and tools available in ArtWorks (three transparency types, multi-column text areas, native JPEG support, dynamic hatching and user-defined pattern-fills, dynamic blends, envelopes and perspectives, SVG export, Sprite/TIFF/GIF export and many more). "By applying a ClipView you can clip any collection of objects (shapes, text, sprites, JPEGs, etc., even other ClipViews!) to any shape. The enclosed objects are displayed like being viewed through a window defined by the shape (or, in other words, the shape is filled with the objects)." explained Martin Wuerthner.
Martin has also told is that "Versions of EasiWriter/TechWriter Pro with ArtWorks support will be demonstrated at the Wakefield Show."

ArtWorks 2.2 Features
Press Release


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The Icon Bar: News and features: ArtWorks 2.2 at Wakefield