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The Icon Bar: News and features: Desk Omega Translation

Desk Omega Translation

Posted by John Hoare on 15:41, 26/1/2003 | , , , ,
Following our request for a translation of Desk's page about the Omega, here comes the English version. Thanks to Joris van den Berg for the translation.

In this Omega section you will find information about this magnificent RISC OS desktop computer, which contains the latest developments in Software PC technology.

As a dealer we would like to inform you about the exclusive packages that can be bought exclusively at Desk. This is in addition to the standard options by MicroDigital Europe. The pricing of the Omega and the standard options can be found here.

The words "GreenPC" or "SilentPC" are hot issues in the world of fast Pentium, AMD processors and fast 7200 rpm hard discs. A RISC OS desktop computer would beat the competition by far with existing desktop computers as the least energy consuming and most silent one. Even the Xscale 80200 1GHz processor, which is an optional processor choice in the Omega, does not require a cooling fan! The operating system, RISC OS, is very compact and operates out of Rom chips and avaliable RAM, and does therefore barely relies on the hard disc for file swapping. With this in mind, the Omega is equiped with 3.5" 5400 rpm discs by standard. These discs produce very little noise, are energy efficient; therefore they don't become hot and don't require forced cooling. The omission of fans in itself again means less energy consumption and less noise. We offer a number of packages where one can choose a 2.5" hard disc, wich runs at 4500 rpm and is barely audible, and a power supply with a temperature dependent fan. Look at the prices of Desk Omega options here. If you choose the Mini tower or the Desktop option for the Omega, a smaller 150W power supply is avaliable in addition to a larger one.

Personally we don't find the standard keyboard and mouse of the Omega very attractive. There is nothing wrong with their quality, but there are all sorts of nice multimedia keyboards and mice. The main reasons for MicroDigital's choice for this keyboard is that they can order it without the Windows logo on the Windows key. We are looking for a solution for the Windows key problem by for example putting a sticker over it with our own symbol, in order to be able to choose any keyboard.

N.B. These pages are not yet completely finished. It may be that links do not work correctly yet.

Source: Joris van den Berg

  Desk Omega Translation
  (09:39 27/1/2003)
  thegman (16:44 27/1/2003)
    Moose (18:12 27/1/2003)
      thegman (19:11 27/1/2003)
        Moose (19:54 27/1/2003)
          takkaria (20:21 27/1/2003)
            Moose (21:11 27/1/2003)
              Russ (17:49 1/2/2003)
                ams (17:21 2/2/2003)
Rob Message #91638, posted at 09:39, 27/1/2003
Unregistered user I like the way babelfish translates 'Windows' into 'Fart'.
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Garry Message #91639, posted by thegman at 16:44, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91638
Posts: 65
Anyone know what the UNIX reference in this:


means? If it means some kind of UNIX (BSD?) is appearing on the Omega, that could be very important. It might let me reduce my computer count by one!

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Moose Message #91640, posted at 18:12, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91639
Unregistered user Unix? Even Linux? On an Omega? Hahahahahhahaaahahaa. You're funny, man.
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Garry Message #91641, posted by thegman at 19:11, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91640
Posts: 65
I know, I'm hilarious, I really should go professional. I realise Linux or BSD with X and the rest is going to suck in terms of speed, but all I need it for is a few apps. If the Omega runs bog standard RISC OS, and Lightning looks like VIDC20 to it, then it might even run the standard Debian Risc PC distro.
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Moose Message #91642, posted at 19:54, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91641
Unregistered user My god. You're in cloud cukoo land!
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Andrew Sidwell Message #91643, posted by takkaria at 20:21, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91642
Posts: 324
Moose: and I'm sure you're equally funny.
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Moose Message #91644, posted at 21:11, 27/1/2003, in reply to message #91643
Unregistered user Howso?
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Russ Message #91645, posted at 17:49, 1/2/2003, in reply to message #91644
Unregistered user From what I've read on silentPC websites, 7200 rpm drives are quieter than cheaper 5400 rpm drives since they have better bearings. Anyone care to disagree?

A RISC OS desktop computer wouldn't be any quieter than a fanless mini-ITX based PC!

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Annraoi Message #91646, posted by ams at 17:21, 2/2/2003, in reply to message #91645
Posts: 56
The 5400rpm drives may be slightly quieter, but having not heard an Iyonix with a 7200rpm drive (while I was standing next to it, it really was quiet), I doubt if there could be much of an additional reduction switching to the slower drive.

Additionally (and more significantly) the slower drive has a higher latency (you have to wait longer for the particular sector to come round). So ok you might have something VERY SLIGHTLY QUIETER, but a lot slower (ok and it'll cost MD a bit less). That having been said I would have thought speed was the prime issue.

An Iyonix with a 7200rpm drive WILL NOT be much louder than an Omega with a slower 5400rpm drive (or worse still a 4500rpm drive (sheer madness if you ask me)). The rotation speed is important because it impacts on the responsiveness of the drive - higher speed being good - slower speed being bad, I would have thought. And really a 7200rpm drive will not have you running from a room with blood streaming from your ears - they really aren't that bad....



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The Icon Bar: News and features: Desk Omega Translation