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The Icon Bar: News and features: Hermann Hauser interviewed in The Independant

Hermann Hauser interviewed in The Independant

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 22:43, 8/6/2001 | , , ,
Hermann who-he? Only co-founder of Acorn Computers, that's who. In the interview here dated the 6th of this month, he 'fesses up to some of the mistakes made early in Acorn's history that have probably contributed to RISC OS's less than globally dominant state today:
"My biggest mistake was at Acorn Computers, when we failed to realise how far ahead of the competition we were with the BBC Micro Computer. We had made the best computer in the world but instead of using it to set a standard for the industry, we hogged the rights. The consequence was that the world became IBM- compatible when it could have been Acorn-compatible."
If only Acorn's head honchos had noticed this sooner...

Full story: http://www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=76427

Source: NTK

  Hermann Hauser interviewed in The Independant
  (02:01 9/6/2001)
  Jeffrey Lee (19:17 9/6/2001)
    Annraoi (14:15 10/6/2001)
      Michael Stubbs (17:52 10/6/2001)
        John Campbell Rees (23:38 10/6/2001)
          Erm... (00:39 11/6/2001)
Michael Stubbs Message #88692, posted at 02:01, 9/6/2001
Unregistered user There's a man that could throw a few million towards promotion and development! That would be an acceptable apologetic gesture for messing things up, in my view ;-)
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Jeffrey Lee Message #88693, posted at 19:17, 9/6/2001, in reply to message #88692
Unregistered user He could have mentioned that RISC OS is still around as well! Bah!
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Annraoi Message #88694, posted at 14:15, 10/6/2001, in reply to message #88693
Unregistered user It seems to me that Acorn (including Messrs Hauser and Curry) had absolutely no faith in their product. They withdrew from markets the moment anyone made a move in, they lost as a result (and IMHO deservedly so). They did NOT advertise and the few times they did they portrayed the Archimedes as a "kiddie" machine for "education". Microsoft never made that mistake, which is why their platform is in business, education and (even) gaming. By the way Hermann's explanation doesn't fully hold water as Microsoft is renound for its proprietary technology they simply made a point of putting it in "everyones face" whereas Acorn hid stuff out of sight and kept their heads down.

As an instance at a time when a friend of mine was in a position to get a (potentially) large order for a university here (Ireland) he got absolutely no assistance from Acorn (they would not demo or lend a demo machine). They failed because either they had (i) zero competence at selling or (ii) had made a deal with other vendor(s) to keep out of their patch. AFAIK they did not even return a promised phone call, so they lost a potentially large sale (nice one).

Acorn management always put limits on where they would go and what they would sell - they lost as a result. Its up to wiser heads now not to make the same mistakes.

I would echo what one of the other contributors has said if Hermann is listening PLEASE put some money back into the RISC OS market, people really are getting a bit irritated with windows and if there is an alternative they will go for it.

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Michael Stubbs Message #88695, posted at 17:52, 10/6/2001, in reply to message #88694
Unregistered user Seems to me he wouldn't miss even a few million and he'd be helping right the wrongs that he himself pioneered. He should buy RISCOS Ltd and pump millions into it ;-)
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John Campbell Rees Message #88696, posted at 23:38, 10/6/2001, in reply to message #88695
Unregistered user Herman Hauser is not going to hand over vast wads of cash just to say sorry. It is nice that he has admitted he made mistakes with Acorn, but he remains above all a bussiness man. If someone wants to get him to invest in the RISC OS platform, then getting a viable bussiness plan, the proves that they will not make the same mistakes as Acorn might get Mr. Hauser's attention.
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Erm... Message #88697, posted at 00:39, 11/6/2001, in reply to message #88696
Unregistered user That's true, but viable business plan? That's an interesting concept.


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The Icon Bar: News and features: Hermann Hauser interviewed in The Independant