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The Icon Bar: News and features: No more Acorn hardware from Eesox

No more Acorn hardware from Eesox

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:57, 7/9/2000 | ,
Sent to us by Leslie Cleave, the sad news that Eesox will no longer be selling RISC OS hardware:
"From 31/08/00 Eesox will no longer be a retail outlet for Acorn computer hardware. We shall be concentrating on software development and will still be available for technical support on products sold to date, advice and specialist requirements. Please use the e-mail contacts in this website or telephone us on +44 (0) 1954 208208. Thank you to all our customers for all your support in the past."
If nothing else, the RISC OS market certainly isn't dull; as new companies and products appear, old favourites fall by the wayside. My first CD Rom drive came from Eesox, and it's sad to think that this won't continue.
  No more Acorn hardware from Eesox
  (12:15 7/9/2000)
  Mark Scholes (19:52 8/9/2000)
Andrew Weston Message #88089, posted at 12:15, 7/9/2000
Unregistered user Does the 'software development' you refer to mean Acorn software or software for other platforms?
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Mark Scholes Message #88090, posted at 19:52, 8/9/2000, in reply to message #88089
Unregistered user Both.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: No more Acorn hardware from Eesox