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The Icon Bar: News and features: Nuclear Holocaust - Unregistered version

Nuclear Holocaust - Unregistered version

Posted by graham on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,


Before downloading Nuclear Holocaust, you must agree to the following licence conditions. Note that by accepting these conditions you are bound by them and any breach will be considered a copyright offence.

  1. If you wish to keep this game for longer than the 30 day trial period,
    you must register as an owner. In return for registering, you will receive
    information on all future upgrades, and where small enough, they can be
    e-mailed to you. In addition, you will receive a patch to the game so that
    the licence screen and time delay on loading the game will no longer appear.

    Registration costs just 5, or equivalent foreign currency. To register, there are several possible methods of payment:
    1. Send cash, postal order or cheque, including your name, address, e-mail address if you have one, and any comments you have on the game, including suggestions for new features. I will e-mail you the registered users' patch, or failing that, send it to you on disc via post.
    2. Contact me by e-mail, and obtain my bank account details to arrange a transfer from your account to mine. The advantages of this are that I can verify that I have the money very quickly and despatch your upgrade, and that it is very easy and saves sending money through the post. If you live in a foreign country, the bank charges will probably make this option unusable.
  2. The software is provided 'as is'; I make no guarantee that it is fit for any purpose, and will not be held responsible for any loss of data, money or kind through use of the software. Given this condition, I will make every effort to rectify any problems with the software, if necessary producing a new version, if you contact me by e-mail or post.
    1. The unregistered form of the game may be freely distributed provided it is kept for no longer than 30 days by any party without registering, and is unmodified from the offical released version.
    2. The registered form of the game grants the registered user of the software a non-transferrable single site licence. That is, it may be freely used by
      the registered user, but not passed on by any method to any third party.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Nuclear Holocaust - Unregistered version