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The Icon Bar: News and features: Oregano cache program

Oregano cache program

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 22:19, 8/6/2001 | ,
Darren from Image Software has sent us further word of Cassia, the new caching program for use with Oregano. Not only does it cache, it's also a filtering program (providing safer Internet access for schools), and integrates with R-Comp's DialUp - this gives dial-on-demand if you try to fetch a page not in the cache.

So, not only providing something that Oregano's sadly missing, but also providing some cool new features; and the cost of Cassia is just £7 so it's not too expensive, which given the cost of the browser sans cache is probably a factor for quite a few people. Call 01202 269720 or email sales@imagesoft.co.uk

  Oregano cache program
  (17:14 9/6/2001)
DavidE Message #88684, posted at 17:14, 9/6/2001
Unregistered user But does it integrate and give dial-on-demand with Socketeer as WebServe does?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Oregano cache program