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The Icon Bar: News and features: Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign

Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 20:40, 6/8/2018 | , ,
RISC OS friendly ISP and hosting provider Orpheus Internet have recently launched a crowd funding campaign, with the goal of helping to raise the funds needed to set up a second data centre in a new location. This new data centre will act as a mirror of their primary data centre, providing some much-needed redundancy for when things go wrong - like the incident early last month that left all of their servers unreachable for several hours, and left some systems down for a couple of days.
Setting up a second data centre is something that Orpheus have been planning for a while now, but have been struggling to find the funding for - the business doesn't have enough capital to spare, and despite recognising the plans as being sound, banks and other lenders have been unwilling to offer up any cash of their own. Last month's incident - Orpheus's only major outage in the past ten years - was enough to convince Richard that the plans for the second data centre should be kicked up a notch, hence the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.
So far the campaign has received donation pledges and long-term loan pledges totalling £3,950 out of the £15,000 goal. This is good progress, but that progress will only continue if new pledges continue to be received. If this is something you're interested in supporting, please contact Richard on 01702 462385 or via the email address crowdfunding@orpheusnet.co.uk.
  Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign
  mjprice (02:09 7/8/2018)
  levi (05:18 7/8/2018)
  nunfetishist (06:22 7/8/2018)
  rich (14:26 7/8/2018)
    markee174 (17:36 11/9/2018)
Matthew Price Message #124319, posted by mjprice at 02:09, 7/8/2018
Posts: 4
Any chance of a mobile friendly version of the website? Itís almost impossible to read the full announcement on iOS!

Will donations be handled by one of the reputable crowd sourcing sites like Kick Starter?
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Levi Levinson Message #124320, posted by levi at 05:18, 7/8/2018, in reply to message #124319
Posts: 5
Nope, they're using the old highly reliable and traceable phone number with associated address to send blank cheques to.

Well, if it ain't broke...
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Rob Kendrick Message #124321, posted by nunfetishist at 06:22, 7/8/2018, in reply to message #124319
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 520
Gasp, £15,000 would buy you an *awful* lot of time in AWS, Azure, Gandi, or Hetzner, all of which look after the complexities of redundant power and network for you. Want more redundancy? Use more then one provider.

You can rent a quarter rack with provided power and networking in an existing data centre with excellent links for as little as £200 a month for the things you actually need to be physical.

(Things that don't need to be physical: Your ADSL RADIUS auth servers, your SMTP servers, your spam filtering, your mail box hosting, your web hosting, your nntp mirror, your shell servers, your LDAP servers, and almost everything else.)
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Richard Goodwin Message #124326, posted by rich at 14:26, 7/8/2018, in reply to message #124319
Dictator for life
Posts: 6821
Any chance of a mobile friendly version of the website? Itís almost impossible to read the full announcement on iOS!
I also noticed this, using an Android 'phone. I think the site is using an old table layout to be RISC OS friendly, but then again so is TIB and we've managed to hack at least some responsive design features in.
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Mark Stephens Message #124332, posted by markee174 at 17:36, 11/9/2018, in reply to message #124326
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 127
And we have an update on the story....
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Orpheus launch crowdfunding campaign