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The Icon Bar: News and features: Post and packaging

Post and packaging

Posted by Phil Mellor on 22:54, 2/1/2004 | , , , , , , ,
Graham Shaw, author of the recently released RiscPkg, is launching the RISC OS Packaging Project. If you haven't come across packaging before, it's a method of distributing, installing, updating and removing software, and is commonplace on several platforms such as Linux.

Most RISC OS programs have been distributed as simple zip files, with manual installation, but many argue that programmers and users would find packaging beneficial. The benefits are felt when large numbers of packages need to be kept up to date, and dependencies (such as modules, fonts and shared resources) can be dealt with automatically.

Graham hopes the Packaging Project will be able to build and distribute a collection of RISC OS software packages. Help is always, er, helpful, and ways to contribute include writing and maintaining packages or documentation, checking copyright and licences, and reporting bugs.

Software updates
Business must be booming for Virtual Acorn because the tax man is now interested. They've become VAT registered, so regretfully some prices have risen. The good news is that the VVRAM technology first seen on the The A6 is now available for all VRPC users, and those with laptops can improve battery life with power management support developed in conjunction with RISCOS Ltd.

People with a real RISC OS computer on their desk - more specifically, the Iyonix - can make use of Paul Vigay's configuration plug-in that deals with some minor but useful settings. Download MiscSetup, along with lots of other recently 32-bitted Vigay software from here.

Other updated software: NetCalc, an IP address calculator; Feud, Justin Fletcher's 17 year old game makes a comeback; GnuPG reaches version 1.2.4; and 65Link, the remote DFS system.

Note: Incidentally, of the above alleged "news", only Virtual Acorn bothered to tell us about it. If you want your news splashed across the best mauve RISC OS portal in the world, CC to news@iconbar.com...

  Post and packaging
  richcheng (12:38 8/1/2004)
richard cheng Message #92645, posted by richcheng at 12:38, 8/1/2004

Posts: 653
I'd say you're more lilac than mauve :)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Post and packaging