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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. AGM and Shares

RISCOS Ltd. AGM and Shares

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:03, 6/6/2001 | , , ,
According to Gareth Dyke on the Archive mailing list, the RISCOS Ltd. AGM is on 29th June, where the Annual Report and the MD's proposals for the future will be presented. We've since learnt from our spies that the location may be Pace HQ. Gareth goes on to say "To attend, and receive the documents, naturally you need to be a shareholder. Shareholders also currently receive the benefit of free Foundation membership."

As an aside, we've heard that a small number of people (including Gareth himself) have expressed an interest in offloading some shares - not a large amount, but they should be enough to get you access to shindigs like the above. If you're looking to become a shareholder then you might want to drop us a line or contact Gareth directly. Our spies tell us the last known share price was about 120p, but don't quote us on that, use it as a ballpark figure only.

Archive website

  RISCOS Ltd. AGM and Shares
  (13:57 6/6/2001)
  Richard Goodwin (14:17 6/6/2001)
    Richard Goodwin (14:22 6/6/2001)
      Rob Kendrick (18:52 6/6/2001)
Sendu Bala Message #88659, posted at 13:57, 6/6/2001
Unregistered user Just to clarify...
'our spies', 'drop us a line'

Except for the italicised qoute, is the news item written by tib or Gareth (for tib)? Seems a little odd is all. How big is 'not a large amount' btw?

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Richard Goodwin Message #88660, posted at 14:17, 6/6/2001, in reply to message #88659
Unregistered user Written by me based on an item on the Archive mailing list, as stated.

The bits I've added ("our spies", almost all of second paragraph) come from stuff which is not in the mailing list posting, and hence not from Gareth. If I go any further than that I'd be revealing the sources, which obviously they don't want or I'd have credited them in the first place.

As for "not a large amount" I've heard between 50-100 shares, which means the least you can shell out is a little over 60 quid. This is all cobbled together from various sources though so I'm not saying there's defintely someone that will sell exactly 50 shares for a certain price, just what I've heard and intend to examine further - hence "drop us a line", if I can verify a definite source I can forward on any emails.

I think I've hedged my bets well enough there to keep out of trouble haven't I? :)

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Richard Goodwin Message #88661, posted at 14:22, 6/6/2001, in reply to message #88660
Unregistered user (BTW, I did include Gareth's email address in the first draft of the posting, but we've been getting so much spam recently that it's becoming obvious that Acorn Arcade is on the spam harvesting radar, and I don't want TIB to help spammers. Bastards.)
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Rob Kendrick Message #88662, posted at 18:52, 6/6/2001, in reply to message #88661
Unregistered user Spam's easy to defeat if you have control over the MTA, though.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. AGM and Shares