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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. updates

RISCOS Ltd. updates

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:39, 23/3/2001 | , , , , ,
ROL and Pace have released an updated version of the components required for the Acorn C/C++ development environment to produce RISC OS programs compatible with future 32-bit only versions of RISC OS.

The software is labelled as beta, and before downloading the components users must agree to the terms of a Software License Agreement and provide full details of the machine on which they intend to run the software.

The current versions of the software are:

   Shared C Library 5.28  02 Mar 2001
   CallASWI 0.02  02 Oct 2000
   FPEmulator 4.14  02 Oct 2000
   DDT 1.84  13 Nov 2000
   DDE FrontEnd 1.21  02 Mar 2001
   TaskWindow 0.62  16 Mar 2001

The software is available to download at the updated, slightly shinier RISCOS Ltd. website at http://www.riscos.com/download/

  RISCOS Ltd. updates
  (15:01 23/3/2001)
  Lee Johnston (16:07 23/3/2001)
    Geoff Youngs (13:17 24/3/2001)
      Rob Kendrick (19:07 24/3/2001)
        Rob (00:53 25/3/2001)
          Richard Goodwin (09:28 26/3/2001)
            Nick Wright (22:58 26/3/2001)
              John Duffell (14:25 27/3/2001)
                Lee Johnston (15:20 27/3/2001)
                  Rob Kendrick (18:43 27/3/2001)
                    John Duffell (19:44 28/3/2001)
                      Andrew P Harmsworth (20:01 28/3/2001)
                        Andrew P Harmsworth (20:02 28/3/2001)
                          Richard Goodwin (10:44 29/3/2001)
                            Chris Williams (17:58 31/3/2001)
Rob Kendrick Message #88395, posted at 15:01, 23/3/2001
Unregistered user Nice to see that they're giving away pretty much all of AcornC/C++ (the missing part is CFront, because Pace don't have a licence, Acorn piggybacked off Olivetti's licence) for free. That's about 125ukp worth if you want to buy it from CJE or another dealer. They can't be happy.

If the manuals are a problem, they're all on ROL's manual CD, which costs, what 20 quid? Bloody good deal, it seems to me. I wonder if they've done this on purpose, to try and spur some development (although I would this this would have a limited effect without CFront) or just another accident?
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Lee Johnston Message #88396, posted at 16:07, 23/3/2001, in reply to message #88395
Unregistered user IIRC one of Pace's employees mentioned on the newsgroups that their intention was to provide the upgrade at "nominal" cost. I haven't downloaded it yet and so didn't realise that most of the DDE was there.

As much as this might annoy the dealers I have to say I'm glad Pace have done it - hopefully it'll encourage more people to develop with it.
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Geoff Youngs Message #88397, posted at 13:17, 24/3/2001, in reply to message #88396
Unregistered user Ah, but it doesn't include everything - some common header files are missing in the libraries (e.g stdlib.h and kernel.h) and although it includes new versions of !Find and new apps (I don't know whether these were in the last Acorn devlopers release, but they weren't in the last public release) such as UnModSqz, it doesn't include a new version of !DDT or ResEd/ResCreate/ResTest.

It is enough for someone to write modules in C for free - IIRC, for 10ukp they could purchase all the neccessary docs on CD from RISC OS Ltd. It might also be enough for people to write toolbox apps without OSLib for free, but they would either need to already have the munged version of ResEd (patched free version) or write an equivalent or create all their objects and gadgets from scratch.
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Rob Kendrick Message #88398, posted at 19:07, 24/3/2001, in reply to message #88397
Unregistered user SharedCLibrary compatible header files are available from GCC's website (including the stub).

It comes with a new DDT /module/ all that's missing is the front end, which is no loss (I tend to use *DebugAIF anyway).

I think people know my feelings towards the toolbox :) Desk(Lib) is much nicer in many ways IMO.
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Rob Message #88399, posted at 00:53, 25/3/2001, in reply to message #88398
Unregistered user It's great that these development tools have been made available. Should be very positive for RISC OS. One question though... can I legally use them (for non-profit free software of course)?
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Richard Goodwin Message #88400, posted at 09:28, 26/3/2001, in reply to message #88399
Unregistered user Anyone want to put together a guide to gathering together all the different parts (including URLs) to get a development kit?
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Nick Wright Message #88401, posted at 22:58, 26/3/2001, in reply to message #88400
Unregistered user I mentioned this a while back in the forums but ill say it again - Risc OS Ltd must update !ResEd and !ResTest as they are excellent and far superior to ANY template file editors Ive come across to date.
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John Duffell Message #88402, posted at 14:25, 27/3/2001, in reply to message #88401
Unregistered user You can get updated versions, but you have to be a Semi commercial developer (or registered developer) and ROL seem to have toruble giving membership (some server password problem, they want me to think)
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Lee Johnston Message #88403, posted at 15:20, 27/3/2001, in reply to message #88402
Unregistered user In theory anyway. I never managed to get a peep out of them as a semi-commercial developer, even after my name and address were taken at Epsom. I've given up on any chance of a refund as I simply don't have the time to keep chasing them up. Instead I simply won't bother renewing.
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Rob Kendrick Message #88404, posted at 18:43, 27/3/2001, in reply to message #88403
Unregistered user Out of interest, is the only reason we put up with RISCOS Ltd. that fact that they distribute our favorite desktop OS?
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John Duffell Message #88405, posted at 19:44, 28/3/2001, in reply to message #88404
Unregistered user The thing that REALLY annys me is that they have the exclusive rights to RISC OS in the desktop market.... seing as they are sitting about swindling everyone and not bothering to get the 32bit RO bought and sold into the desktop market...
I wish Pace were licensed to sell int the desktop market :-( I'm going to speak to ROL at wakefield and demand my SCD money back... I haven't got a peep out of the either.

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Andrew P Harmsworth Message #88406, posted at 20:01, 28/3/2001, in reply to message #88405
Unregistered user Gosh, it's a great shame to see so many people narked off with RISCOS Ltd about their communication problems. If RISCOS Ltd read the above comments, perhaps they'll act to prevent (the above) giving up. It cannot be good for their image at all.

Regarding all the updates, I think it's great news, and only goes to show how seriously Pace are taking RISC OS. We certainly wouldn't have seen these updates so quickly from just RISCOS Ltd.

Wakefield will be an extremely interesting show. Let's hope it is not a disappointment.

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Andrew P Harmsworth Message #88407, posted at 20:02, 28/3/2001, in reply to message #88406
Unregistered user By the way, has anyone noticed that it says "Last updated 2 January 2001" above? :)
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Richard Goodwin Message #88408, posted at 10:44, 29/3/2001, in reply to message #88407
Unregistered user That's the date the PHP3 script for editing/viewing comments was last updated.
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Chris Williams Message #88409, posted at 17:58, 31/3/2001, in reply to message #88408
Unregistered user re: why don't ROL release the 32bit OS?

I'm afraid that moving to 32bit RISC OS isn't a case of selling a new batch of ROMs. Unless an application is in BASIC, it'll break. Simple as that, of course this is considering the fact that the software author hasn't recompiled or modified the application's source code.

Moving to 32bit RISC OS will break Impression, Artworks, my expansion cards, the works. I think it's best if we didn't find out what goes on behind the ROL doors and maybe wait a little longer. I know this is frustrating but things like the 32bit development of RISC OS takes time. Pace aren't giving ROL everything on a plate and we need to get some software ready before an OS is released.
I don't think ROL is swindle-ing anyone, they aren't just the huge RO saviour we all expected them to be. They are the distributors and neutral central access point of the RO market. The RO market is a group effort and that involves co-operation. The way the hardware companies are playing each other off, (lets wait to see what he is releasing), is more of an issue.

Sorry for the erm rant, but I don't like seeing people getting upset and feeling bitter.

Chris (speaking personally)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISCOS Ltd. updates