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The Icon Bar: News and features: SDL version of Freeciv ported

SDL version of Freeciv ported

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 21:00, 29/6/2003 | ,
Hot on the heels of the new SDL port for RISC OS (OK, so it's been almost two months) comes a port of the SDL version of Freeciv, by none other than me! (OK, it was Peter Naulls)

For those who don't know, Freeciv is the popular and free Civilization clone. A RISC OS port has been available before under Peter's Unix Porting Project, but it used a very slow X server implementation. This new version (although still containing a few bugs) is much faster, but it does weigh in at 8MB so modem users beware!

Source: Unix Porting Project

  SDL version of Freeciv ported
  (22:05 29/6/2003)
  Mark Scholes (17:30 1/7/2003)
    Guest (13:18 2/7/2003)
      Guest (11:36 4/7/2003)
Jeffrey Lee Message #87564, posted at 22:05, 29/6/2003
Unregistered user There are some tasty screenshots over at drobe.co.uk. I would have included some myself, but my internet connectivity is somewhat lacking at the moment.
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Mark Scholes Message #87565, posted at 17:30, 1/7/2003, in reply to message #87564
Unregistered user There's a mirror of the file at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mark.scholes/software/ as the original site is very slow
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Guest Message #87566, posted at 13:18, 2/7/2003, in reply to message #87565
Unregistered user What do you mean by a clone? Somebody has done a version of Civilisation using SDL?

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Guest Message #87567, posted at 11:36, 4/7/2003, in reply to message #87566
Unregistered user I've just had a look on Drobe and will try to download it sometime next week. It looks great -- i just hope it works reliably under RO4/SA!

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The Icon Bar: News and features: SDL version of Freeciv ported