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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2019 Report

South-West Show 2019 Report

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:20, 16/2/2019 | ,
The South-West Show took place in its new (much more accessible and suburban) home in Bristol. Read on to find out more (any mistakes or omissions are mine)...

The view at the new hotel was not as scenic but first impressions were good - a more central location in a nice hotel (and good, free wifi). But there were long delays on the food orders.
There was a full selection of talks and the separate room was a little too small for the audience. As usual, one of the best things about the show is the chance to wander around the stands and talk to people...
R-Comp had their full range along with the new software release of FIreworkz and some Armbooks showing RISC OS in action.
MUG had a robot arm controlled from RISC OS and some educational python scripts on RISC OS.
SROUG were showing off lots of interesting hardware projects including a robot arm. Andrew convoy has been busy outside work with getting Sense HAT work on RISC OS which he was demonstrating.
You could try your hand at bell-ringing under RISC OS (and on some real equipment) and buy some jam.
Cameron Cawley was demonstrating some software he had ported to run on RISC OS such a Smb and DosBox which will be on his website. He has also written some ARM code as part of his assignments to play tracker tunes.
Rob Coleman had his BBC projects on display. He has a Pi connected as a second processor and was showing it running Amstrad games. There was and a working Doomsday machine.
ACMS had an impressive array of music hardware on their stand, all running from a classic Archimedes machine.
Amcog games had a new version of stunt car racer with a new level and the option to choose your car. There is a new concept game in development and rdsp now has a reverb feature and the ability to save and sounds you create as wav files.
Ident were promoting their wifisheep technical channel on YouTube and showing some enhancements to their Ident hardware. The sheep name is a reference to their very rural location.
Soft Rock had their selection of software and hardware cases which look like the RISC PC. Vince was also publicising the RISC OS awards - don't forget to vote.
Organiser have done lots of internal code tidying but no new features as yet. They are still keen on any user suggestions to enhance the software
Steve Fryatt had his full range of software on show with some bug fixes. There is lots of interesting developments going into CashBook.
ROOL had the full range of software, manuals and some stand machines playing videos. There is an update to ePic, DDE and some nice themed cards for different machines (the Pandaboard card is my favourite with a nice panda on it). ROOL has a list of new bounties which should appear in the near future.
Sprow was on the ROOL stand. With his Elesar hat on, he was showing Prophet able to make electronic VAT submissions (which will be compulsory from April).
Chris Hall was demonstrating his FamTree software and his range of hardware projects. The latest one is a data monitor which collects real-time data and provides reports in CSV format. It has been plugged into a level crossing, collecting real data since October.
The ROUGOL stand was full of detail on the London Show (in its usual venue on saturday 26th October) and the monthly talks. You can hear Chris Cox on monday.
RISCOS bits had the full range of cases with risqué names. Andy is working on some new items (doubtless with appropriate names) for Wakefield.
Orpheus had the usual free sweets and also cheaper prices (for both new and existing customers) on several packages. Richard was also doubling as show doorman and announcer.
Sine Nomine had an interesting new application called Recce which integrates Google Street view and Flickr into RiscOSM. So you can really visualise places on the map.
There was a big charities stand with second hand books and kit in the middle of the room.
It was a new venue with lots of exciting new developments....
  South-West Show 2019 Report
  flibble (18:54 16/2/2019)
  markee174 (19:57 16/2/2019)
  Stoppers (19:58 16/2/2019)
Peter Howkins Message #124448, posted by flibble at 18:54, 16/2/2019

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s/Chris Curry/Chris Cox/
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Mark Stephens Message #124449, posted by markee174 at 19:57, 16/2/2019, in reply to message #124448
Does all the
work around here

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Corrected. Thanks for spotting.....

Richard said at end numbers were up on last 2 years
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Simon Willcocks Message #124450, posted by Stoppers at 19:58, 16/2/2019, in reply to message #124448
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s/Chris Curry/Chris Cox/
Does that work for everyone?

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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2019 Report