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The Icon Bar: News and features: TANKS re-released as freeware

TANKS re-released as freeware

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 17:57, 28/11/2004 | ,
Rik Griffin, author of Werewolf Software's TANKS, has now re-released the game as freeware. To quote Rik from his website,

Back in 1996 I wrote a game, based on the popular (and widely copied) " lob missiles over the hills " theme. TANKS was meant to be the ultimate version of the genre, packed full of wacky weapons and good gameplay. I like to think that I was successful, and when released commercially the game sold hundreds of copies.

TANKS has now been updated to run natively on RISC OS 5 (Although sound effects are currently missing), but should still run fine on RISC OS 3 and 4MB of RAM (2MB if you're lucky). Some more work and new features are planned for the future, so if you have any feedback then don't hesitate to contact Rik.

TANKS website - Including a copy of the manual in Impression format
  TANKS re-released as freeware
  (01:17 2/12/2004)
  Guest (13:40 7/12/2004)
    Guest (13:44 7/2/2005)
      Guest (20:59 20/2/2005)
John Hoare Message #87692, posted at 01:17, 2/12/2004
Unregistered user Oh, this game is *brilliant*! I played the demo for hours...

And now I can play it properly on my Iyonix. Consider me chuffed.
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Guest Message #87693, posted at 13:40, 7/12/2004, in reply to message #87692
Unregistered user Unbelievably addictive!
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Guest Message #87694, posted at 13:44, 7/2/2005, in reply to message #87693
Unregistered user I love tanks!! i bought it as soon as i saw it at acorn world years ago...i used to play it so much when it came out sadly now my career has forced me to buy a pc any chance of a port (dangerous talk, i know!!!)
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Guest Message #87695, posted at 20:59, 20/2/2005, in reply to message #87694
Unregistered user Fab Game its better than others Can't bleave its final freeware. I have been hutting it for while.
ACE no more said
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The Icon Bar: News and features: TANKS re-released as freeware