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The Icon Bar: News and features: Elesar updates CloudFS to 0.34

Elesar updates CloudFS to 0.34

Posted by Mark Stephens on 14:41, 4/5/2023 |
CloudFS is a very important piece of software to me as it allows me to share all my data files between my different RISC OS machines and emulators at work and home. So I am always keen to follow developments.

The latest release of CloudFS offers 2 new enhancements....
To be honest, "Now preserves load/execution addresses in a manner compatible with HostFS used with RPCEmu, and more recent versions of LanManFS (2.68) and NFS (3.28) from RISC OS Open" does not mean much to me. But it may well interest you.
However, the second new feature is really exciting for me! The software is now much smarter in selecting which pCloud server to access and will choose the nearest and least busy one available rather than just using a default one. The impact of this is that the software has MUCH faster saving and loading times. I have already updated all my systems.
Elesar suggests around 30% faster. I have found it varies depending on machine and time of day but you could well see more than this on occasions. It certainly has a big impact on day-to-day usage.
To upgrade the software, you just need to rerun the orginal installer and reboot your machine. If you do not have CloudFS and want an easy way to backup and share files, I recommend you check it out....
Elesar website
  Elesar updates CloudFS to 0.34
  Bucksboy (23:10 11/5/2023)
  Elesar (07:40 14/5/2023)
    markee174 (14:51 14/5/2023)
George Greenfield Message #125439, posted by Bucksboy at 23:10, 11/5/2023
Posts: 89
I've been using version 0.34 for several days and there is a noticeable speed increase: with multitasking disabled, a 38MB test zip downloaded in 26 secs (1.46 MB/sec) and uploaded in 57 secs (666 Kb/sec).
[EDIT: the original post had downloads and uploads reversed: I've corrected it above. In terms of ease of using CloudFS as an active directory, the download speed improvement is much more significant IMO.]

[Edited by Bucksboy at 09:52, 12/5/2023]

[Edited by Bucksboy at 09:56, 12/5/2023]
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Robert Sprowson Message #125440, posted by Elesar at 07:40, 14/5/2023, in reply to message #125439
Posts: 40
Anyone else wondering what preserves load/execution addresses means: RISC OS can store either (filetype + datestamp) or (load + execution address) alongside the file name. It's very rare now to see an old style load and execution addresses though.

But if you wanted to ensure a faithful copy going from, for example, an Archi emulator on a PC shared via pCloud to RISC OS you'd want them to be preserved.
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Mark Stephens Message #125441, posted by markee174 at 14:51, 14/5/2023, in reply to message #125440
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 143
Many thanks for explaining
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Elesar updates CloudFS to 0.34