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The Icon Bar: General: RISCPC: Monitor and Sound Questions
  RISCPC: Monitor and Sound Questions
  Charlie (13:06 17/3/2012)
  Enzo (14:58 20/3/2012)
  CJE (15:52 21/3/2012)
    Charlie (14:15 22/3/2012)
      hubersn (14:44 22/3/2012)
        Charlie (17:59 28/3/2012)
Charlie Message #119788, posted by Charlie at 13:06, 17/3/2012
Posts: 95
Hello all,
It's been a long time since I've been about - a combination of too much real life and embarrassment at my rather poor behaviour the last time I was here...

Anyway I have a couple of RISCPC set-up questions, if anyone is able to help I'd be most grateful.

1) Hopefully the easy one:
I have the fortune to own both RiscTV and RiscBlaster podules. The latter was dead but I've managed to find a replacement...
Both require access to LK3 on the motherboard (sound) but there's only one header. My 'plan' is to make up a passive splitter - can anyone see a reason why this would be a bad thing to do? I'll make an active splitter if I have to but I'm lazy...
2) More tricky?
There happens to be a Radeon-based ViewFinder in there as well - 'MK1', single VGA output, latest flash.
It's always worked remarkably well with my old 1680x1050 (60Mhz) Belinea TFT but I gave that away when I replaced it with an HP w2207h - also 1680x1050 (60Mhz)
The new monitor works 100% with everything else I chuck at it including my MD Omega but no matter what I do I cannot get a 'good' output at any resolution using the Viewfinder - the desktop is always too big or too small. :-(
-Latest Viewfinder Flash using monitor's correct specs
-FWIW both RPC and Omega have the same MDF which works fine on the Omega, and is an update of the MDF I originally made for the Belinea TFT
-Various tweaks tried via the TFT's own options

One thing I have noticed is the frame rate my RPC claims to be outputting is not what the TFT claims to be receiving - this issue seems to be at the RPC end as the frame rate every other computer I try claims to be using is matched by the monitor...
...the RPC seems to be outputting roughly 1.5Mhz higher than it thinks. I tried resetting the RPC to '59' and '58'Mhz to compensate but sadly '59' is too high and '58' too low for the TFT - no option to set that 0.5Mhz difference.

I assume my 'old' Belinea was simply more forgiving than the new one and that's the problem - of course I could be barking up the wrong tree.
Any ideas?

Thank you.
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Xavier Tardy Message #119819, posted by Enzo at 14:58, 20/3/2012, in reply to message #119788
Posts: 56
For your viewfinder issue, the best IMO is to join windfall's (J. Kortink's company) list and ask.
Read here :
Hope this helps for that specific matter.
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Chris Evans Message #119821, posted by CJE at 15:52, 21/3/2012, in reply to message #119788
CJE Micros chap
Posts: 198
Very few Widescreen monitors we have tested worked correctly on a ViewFinder:-( you were very fortunate with the Belinea.
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Charlie Message #119829, posted by Charlie at 14:15, 22/3/2012, in reply to message #119821
Posts: 95
Thanks for the advice chaps. big smile

@Xavier Tardy:
Good point, I shall go wander over to winfall's list

Yes, I feared that would be it but hoped someone might have a happier suggestion...
...the HP is a beautiful monitor and I'd be loath to part with it, especially as I'm also running it as one of a matched pair for another another computer.

- see if I can swap one for the Belinea I gave away
- look on eBay for a decent high-res 4:3 monitor
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Steffen Huber Message #119830, posted by hubersn at 14:44, 22/3/2012, in reply to message #119829
Posts: 74
Hi Charlie,

do you have a PC to read out the EDID data from the monitor? I had a similar ViewFinder problem (albeit with a very old 4:3 LCD), and supplying the EDID data to John Kortink produced some custom timing data for the ViewFinder which works great.

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Charlie Message #119892, posted by Charlie at 17:59, 28/3/2012, in reply to message #119830
Posts: 95
Thank you!

Good idea - I shall drop a line to JK. big smile
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The Icon Bar: General: RISCPC: Monitor and Sound Questions