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The Icon Bar: General: Chris Jordan, Music500, ArcElite @ ROUGOL on 21 Apr 2014
  Chris Jordan, Music500, ArcElite @ ROUGOL on 21 Apr 2014
  helpful (21:36 25/3/2014)
  sirbod (12:38 30/3/2014)
  Michael Foot (21:57 30/3/2014)
    Phlamethrower (22:55 30/3/2014)
  trevj (23:05 21/4/2014)
Bryan Hogan Message #123167, posted by helpful at 21:36, 25/3/2014
Posts: 238
At the next meeting of the RISC OS User Group Of London on 21st April 2014 we are very pleased to have Chris Jordan as our guest speaker. Chris had a long involvement with Acorn, all the way through the Beeb and Archimedes era.

He was a member of the BBC Micro design team, Publications Editor at Acornsoft, co-inventor of shadow RAM, co-author of book/disc Creative Sound on the BBC Micro, and designer of the Acorn Music 500 and Hybrid Music Systems.

In the guise of Hybrid Technology he was also the publisher of Archimedes Elite, and went on to develop the SNES, Sega and Gameboy versions of Elite.

Chris will be coming along to tell us about some/all of these, and other fascinating bits of Acorn history, and is happy to answer questions afterwards.

ROUGOL meetings are free to attend and held in a pub/restaurant near London Bridge station. What better way could there be to spend a bank holiday evening? big smile

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Jon Abbott Message #123174, posted by sirbod at 12:38, 30/3/2014, in reply to message #123167
Posts: 563
I'm looking forward to this one, having spent many hours on the Music 500.

An ideal opportunity to prepare for my upcoming talk as well smile
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Michael Foot Message #123175, posted by Michael Foot at 21:57, 30/3/2014, in reply to message #123167
AA refugee
Posts: 25
Could someone ask him if he's able to get hold of the source code for ArcElite etc and release it? Would be great to get ArcElite recompiled for modern machines.
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Jeffrey Lee Message #123176, posted by Phlamethrower at 22:55, 30/3/2014, in reply to message #123175
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15100
I believe the wheels are already in motion: https://www.riscosopen.org/forum/forums/5/topics/2340#posts-30762
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Trevor Johnson Message #123204, posted by trevj at 23:05, 21/4/2014, in reply to message #123167
Posts: 660
I'm guessing that you guys are just about finishing up by now. wink The report on this talk will be much anticipated by a few of us here, I expect!
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The Icon Bar: General: Chris Jordan, Music500, ArcElite @ ROUGOL on 21 Apr 2014