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The Icon Bar: General: revive a410/1 - can anyone advise?
  revive a410/1 - can anyone advise?
  tfoster60 (22:26 16/4/2014)
  Michael Foot (03:53 17/4/2014)
  sirbod (07:00 17/4/2014)
    PaulV (09:42 17/4/2014)
  helpful (09:39 17/4/2014)
Terry Foster Message #123193, posted by tfoster60 at 22:26, 16/4/2014
Posts: 1
I have looked out the rubbish in the roof and come across my old Archimedes A410/1 machine.

I plugged it in and whilst the monitor works, the rest of the machine appears dead.

I have checked the power supply and I am getting 12v AND 5V feeds from the PSU so it should be fine.

Someone once took the machine if I remember rightly and I am wondering if a wrong keyboard could have damaged the motherboard?

Other than that - it has been 15 years since it was last powered up )no batteries were left in it) so could it be that the ROM has somehow discharged?

I say it has been in the roof, but it is not hot up there as it was converted ages ago. I press reset on the keyboard and it flashes the three leds on the caps, scroll and num locks but otherwise it is lifeless when I press these keys.

I have a 20Mb hard drive on there with some games I would not have mind revisiting, but otherwise would anyone in this group know if this can be revived or if it's going to end up at the recycling centre down the road. I'd love to revive it - even with Raspberry Pi if needed but I have not got the know how to do that.

Any advice would be received gratefully and I thank everyone who replies in advance.

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Michael Foot Message #123194, posted by Michael Foot at 03:53, 17/4/2014, in reply to message #123193
AA refugee
Posts: 25
If the machine has no batteries, the CMOS settings will be unset.
Holding down the Del key when you power it on will reset the CMOS and hopefully the machine will burst into life.
If the machine has not been covered when stored, it would pay to take the top off and clean out any foreign objects too.
I'm sure someone on here will take it off your hands if it's not in a good way.

[Edited by Michael Foot at 04:53, 17/4/2014]
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Jon Abbott Message #123195, posted by sirbod at 07:00, 17/4/2014, in reply to message #123193
Posts: 563
Try pulling the 12v line off the mobo and see if you get lights/fan at power on, if you do take a look at this thread for ths fix.
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Bryan Hogan Message #123197, posted by helpful at 09:39, 17/4/2014, in reply to message #123193
Posts: 238
If there is a hardware fault the issue might be flashed out as a binary code on the floppy drive light. Check that just after turning it on and enter them here:


Where are you located, in case someone is nearby who can assist?
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Paul Vernon Message #123198, posted by PaulV at 09:42, 17/4/2014, in reply to message #123195
Posts: 135
The link Jon has pointed out works great for A300 and A400 series machines but the A400/1 series has different component numbering so although removing/replacing the 12V decoupling capacitor is the most likely answer, in the 400/1 series, it's not C37 as stated in that thread...

In the 400/1 series it's C53 which is the 12V decoupling cap.

Interestingly in the 300 and 400 series the cap is rated at 100uF 16V in the 400/1 it's a 100uF 25V component which AFAIK is much more reliable on the 12V line because it's got much more capacity to absorb voltage spikes at power on etc.

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The Icon Bar: General: revive a410/1 - can anyone advise?