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The Icon Bar: General: A3000 for sale
  A3000 for sale
  alasdair (17:15 6/4/2016)
Alasdair Bailey Message #123816, posted by alasdair at 17:15, 6/4/2016
Posts: 17
Hello folks. I'm reliably informed by Wikipedia that it's now 19 years since Graham and I started Acorn Arcade.

Really happy to see some of you are still enjoying TIB and AA after all these years big smile

Anyways I'm here because times have moved on and I have here my original A3000 for sale. It's in vanilla condition (no upgrades, not even a serial port which I think was rather harsh of my parents).

It has a Logitech 3-button mouse included in the sale. I don't have a monitor suitable for it so please see the notes below which should give those 'in the know' some idea about what state it's in.

If you're interested please ping me an offer here or by email; alasdair [you know what goes here] bluearch.co.uk

Notes on its condition:
- Turning it on results in the power LED illuminating but the capslock light doesn't toggle when pressing the key
- Speaker 'clicks' can be heard but no beep
- I didn't ever replace the CMOS battery so that job likely needs doing per http://www.retro-kit.co.uk/page.cfm/content/Acorn-BBC-A3000-Battery-Maintenance/
- CMOS battery has not leaked
- The case screws are missing

Like I say, if you want to take it from my hands then please ping me a note otherwise I'll see what ebay thinks of it. I'm in Scotland; you're welcome to collect (we have great scenery) or I can pack and send it.

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The Icon Bar: General: A3000 for sale