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The Icon Bar: Games: Equinox
  tribbles (19:40 3/10/2017)
  microbits (07:22 4/10/2017)
Jason Tribbeck Message #124175, posted by tribbles at 19:40, 3/10/2017
Captain Helix

Posts: 929
As I've been going through my back catalogue of things I've written, I've found out that a couple of things more or less work on the Raspberry Pi (which should be a good indication as to whether it'll work on the other platforms).

One of them was Equinox that I started but never finished. You can see information on it at http://equinox.tribbeck.com/ - there was a limited beta test at the time, but I kinda got bored adding new levels.

When I first tried it on the Pi, it worked until you got to the point where you actually played the game where it would crash. It took a couple of hours to debug this (not having a debugger doesn't help!), but I've now fixed it (technical: unaligned word read when it wasn't even using the word it was using!), and added it to my autobuild system.

The thing that really surprised me was that the music worked - I was expecting to have to do a lot of work on that!

You can download it from http://autobuild.tribbeck.com/equinox/build-4/Equinox.zip

But I should point out that there may be some files missing from the archive because I found that there were too many in the previous version so I removed them. If you find it crashing saying it can't find a file, then have a look inside http://autobuild.tribbeck.com/equinox/build-3/Equinox.zip which has everything in the previous release. And let me know what the file is so I can include it for subsequent releases!

I've tried it as much as I can, but I've not tried every level - and some have some cut animation scenes in them (and they're big - the previous version had duplicates of them in the archive, so I really wanted a smaller archive).

I'll make the download link a little more obvious at a later date.

Also note that my internet connection is currently a little bit flaky - I am expecting a new router tomorrow to fix it, but until then, you might get drop-outs or even failures to download it (hence it'll be better to get the smaller version).

Another game that works is Aced, which is a rewrite of ArcCommand, but in 3D (AC3D). This I want to transfer to my autobuild system before releasing it. I don't really remember how far I got with it though.

ArcCommand itself I'm in two minds as to how to get that working. I can either go down the LibSDL route (which is what was used for the Linux/Windows/MacOS versions), or convert the video and audio code in the same way that works for Equinox/Aced.
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rob andrews Message #124176, posted by microbits at 07:22, 4/10/2017, in reply to message #124175
Posts: 24
Works on a Titanium without any problems so far, will give it a full test over the weekend
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The Icon Bar: Games: Equinox