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  zolbatar (10:59 9/7/2019)
  arawnsley (18:12 9/7/2019)
    zolbatar (18:59 9/7/2019)
  helpful (04:34 10/7/2019)
Daryl Dudey Message #124508, posted by zolbatar at 10:59, 9/7/2019
Posts: 2
I used to have an account on here, but can no longer find it and presumably was connected to an old email address!

I'm back into RISC OS coding, as much for a bit of retro fun as anything. I have a Master 128 (with DataCentre and internal Pi co-pro), a partially working A4000 and a RPi 1 with RISC OS (with ArcEm to test/run code).

I've got a Wimp program going in BASIC (without using any other libraries like DrWimp) that has some inline assembler. I'm using it to play around with some algorithms.

For pure fun I want to try and create some graphical demos in ARM assembler and been playing around with inline assembler as well as using standalone assembler stuff. I want it to be able to run on classic RO 3.11...

So, the point of my post? This forum looks pretty quiet and the RISC OS Open forum doesn't have a specific programming section - so where do people go? Or is it simply that people just use online docs to figure things out?

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Andrew Rawnsley Message #124509, posted by arawnsley at 18:12, 9/7/2019, in reply to message #124508
R-Comp chap
Posts: 572
comp.sys.acorn.programmer newsgroup might still be active, although I must admit I don't follow it. Some of those groups could get a bit "toxic" back in the day.

I generally post to the General or Community Support forums on ROOL site, because most of the regular posters are programmers to some degree (many to a massive degree!). They don't tend, for the most part, to be rude, unlike newsgroups, so it is a more pleasant space.
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Daryl Dudey Message #124510, posted by zolbatar at 18:59, 9/7/2019, in reply to message #124509
Posts: 2
I haven't used newsgroups since the early 2000s! I'll post on the ROOL site, as like you say most posters on there are programmers and some like Jeffrey and Rick are pretty prolific!
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Bryan Hogan Message #124514, posted by helpful at 04:34, 10/7/2019, in reply to message #124508
Posts: 235
The most active forum, particularly for the very retro stuff like BBCs and Archimedes, is StarDot - http://stardot.org.uk/forums/

But for in depth RISC OS programming queries the ROOL forum is your best bet - https://www.riscosopen.org/forum/

Also check out where your nearest user group is and pop along - https://www.riscository.com/calendar/

[Edited by helpful at 04:35, 10/7/2019]
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