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The Icon Bar: General: Iyonix Softload
  Iyonix Softload
  Jacko (13:03 14/9/2019)
  adrianl (17:15 4/10/2019)
    Phlamethrower (18:55 4/10/2019)
      Jacko (10:58 17/10/2019)
David Jackson Message #124568, posted by Jacko at 13:03, 14/9/2019
Posts: 82
Hi I've just tried sofloading the latest ROM 5.27 for the Iyonix. After decompressing the ROM the Iyonix just stalls. My base ROM is 5.22, and I still have April's copy of 5.27 dated 19th April 2019, which loads, decompresses and restarts the monitor with 5.27 working... any thoughts
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Adrian Lees Message #124591, posted by adrianl at 17:15, 4/10/2019, in reply to message #124568
Posts: 1630
If it's consistently broken with the one build but not the other there's perhaps been a change to the CMOS RAM allocation? The type and location of the graphics card(s) is programmed somewhere (possibly the CMOS RAM, possibly elsewhere in the flash chip; it was a long time ago, sorry)...that's my best guess. My IYONIX pc is unusable at the moment and I haven't been following ROM development.
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Jeffrey Lee Message #124592, posted by Phlamethrower at 18:55, 4/10/2019, in reply to message #124591
PhlamethrowerHot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot stuff

Posts: 15095
It's a bug that was fixed a couple of weeks ago.

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David Jackson Message #124608, posted by Jacko at 10:58, 17/10/2019, in reply to message #124592
Posts: 82
Cheers, that fixed it - forgot to update this site smile
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The Icon Bar: General: Iyonix Softload