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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2024 talks

South-West Show 2024 talks

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:35, 24/2/2024 |

Here are my notes from the talks. All mistakes and omissions are mine...

Chris Hall

Chris had an updated version of his Rougol talk, explaining the benefits of NVMe drives, how to set them up on RISC OS. He had some nice detailed printed notes if you wanted to try for yourself. He has been testing both NVMe drivers which are still evolving.

R-Comp/RISC OS Developments

Andrew had his hat so we could tell when he was ROD (hat on). First up fromROD was an update on the Network manager which was allowing dynamic wifi connections.  They are adding other features including a firewall.

No big news on Iris (work ongoing). CacheFS is in public beta (contact Andrew if you would like a copy).

As R-Comp, there is an updated version of the Hexen game, wi-fi for PineBook Pro, new version of PhotoDesk with webP support and a selection of new NVMe hardware. The NVMe driver is block based. It is also open source, written in C and 64bit aware. 


Steve was updating us. The ROOL website has been refreshed and updated. Seven bounties are currently underway. GIT client is now 55% complete and fully functional for basic functionality.  Mentioned NVMe support (10x faster than SD cards). Pi now has wi-fi support. DDE31d released (minor update). Ideas for DDE to add support for C24, make more use of VFP, drop cfront for C++ and AArch64 support.

RISC OS 5.30 still has some platform specific issues to fix before release. RC4 now available on Downloads section.


This was an 'inpromptu' talk on the latest version of the magazine. There is lots of stuff on using Draw. The front page shows some text effects and there is a tutorial inside showing how it was done. If you have not looked at the magazine recently this was also a good opportunity to see it (spoiler - lots of news, reviews, hints and articles on coding and programming).

Next edition will be out at Wakefield Show.



  South-West Show 2024 talks
  helpful (17:43 24/2/2024)
  markee174 (19:18 24/2/2024)
    svrsig (20:34 8/3/2024)
      riscosbits (07:58 9/3/2024)
Bryan Hogan Message #125600, posted by helpful at 17:43, 24/2/2024
Posts: 251
Something gone a bit wrong with this, some of Andrew's talk is in the middle of Chris's section!
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Mark Stephens Message #125601, posted by markee174 at 19:18, 24/2/2024, in reply to message #125600
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 144
Something gone a bit wrong with this, some of Andrew's talk is in the middle of Chris's section!
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Chris Hall Message #125603, posted by svrsig at 20:34, 8/3/2024, in reply to message #125601
Posts: 41
I am having some success with formatting a 1TB NVMe drive as 4096 sector size but not sufficient success yet to write it up! RISC OS is happy with a 750GB filecore drive but the partition table is not yet right.

Speed is (just) better than SATA...

Article on SSDs updated https://www.svrsig.org/SSDs.pdf

[Edited by svrsig at 20:35, 8/3/2024]

[Edited by svrsig at 21:47, 8/3/2024]
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RISCOS Bits Message #125604, posted by riscosbits at 07:58, 9/3/2024, in reply to message #125603
Posts: 30
We've done tests with FreeNVMe on a 1TB drive using a 4k Sector formatter that is currently in development, and on sure filecore drives, it 'just works' out of the box. Some drives might need converting back from emulated 512 byte sectors to native 4k sectors using Linux, but once they're 4K sectors, it's all good. And very fast.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: South-West Show 2024 talks