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The Icon Bar: News and features: CloudFS updated to 0.33

CloudFS updated to 0.33

Posted by Mark Stephens on 13:20, 8/2/2021 |
It is always pleasant to find software is updated, and CloudFS from Elesar has received an update.

If you have not used CloudFS before, it provide 'dropbox' style functionality for RISC OS using PCloud. You can have a free Cloud storage area of up to 10 gigs (and buy more if you need). The official website offers a client to use this from macOS, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android. The CloudFS software provides a client for RISC OS.
So you can treat the Cloud storage as a shared drive, which RISC OS can access directly. This makes it very easy to share files and have a remote backup of critical files. Or you can just dump stuff in there in an untidy manner like I do!

The improvements in the latest release provide some really nice speed improvements (the previous version was a little lacklustre) and the connection no longer drops if you do not use it for 15 minutes. Previously, you would have to logout and login again to access the drive.
There is also an option to choose whether you want your cloud storage to be on machines inside the EU (and under EU jurisdiction).
If you are existing user, then you can upgrade by just running the Installer program (I can see no reason why you would not want to use the new version).
If you have not tried CloudFS, it is a really neat solution for sharing files between all your systems and having some offsite backups.
CloudFS on Elesar website
  CloudFS updated to 0.33
  rich (11:48 9/2/2021)
  CJE (12:40 9/2/2021)
  markee174 (16:30 9/2/2021)
Richard Goodwin Message #125080, posted by rich at 11:48, 9/2/2021
Dictator for life
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I really should add a "like" button to this site smile
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Chris Evans Message #125081, posted by CJE at 12:40, 9/2/2021, in reply to message #125080
CJE Micros chap
Posts: 222
The 10GB is only free for Personal use. Business plans start at £287.64 a year (+VAT I suspect but not clear on the pCloud site).

n.b. I could see no "Comment on this article" link.
I had to use 'Reply to this message'

[Edited by CJE at 12:40, 9/2/2021]
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Mark Stephens Message #125082, posted by markee174 at 16:30, 9/2/2021, in reply to message #125080
Does all the
work around here

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After the Donate bitcoin button wink

[Edited by markee174 at 16:30, 9/2/2021]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: CloudFS updated to 0.33