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The Icon Bar: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 10i5 edition reviewed

Drag'n'Drop 10i5 edition reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:52, 10/5/2021 |
The Spring edition of Drag'n'Drop magazine is now available..
Drag'n'Drop magazine cover

Drag'n'Drop is a quarterly RISC OS magazine published as a PDF file. You can read it on any Computer (and the electronic format allows it to include links to other websites) or print it out. This month's edition is another 32 pages of reviews, news, tutorials and adverts
As usual, there are 2 pages of News with links to website pages and downloads (a major advantage of publishing the magazine online) and the editors column (and reflection).
Drag'n'Drop has always been strong on software listings and this month is no exception. Tony Bartram (moonlighting from Amcog games) has a 3D game called Attack of the Monotrons. As the source code is included with his details in the article, it is also a nice tutorial on 3D graphics. There is also a little BASIC utility to make it easy to calculate the correct Icon Flag values for Desktop applications.
The ToolBox tutorial continues with the creation of a sample BASIC application which uses the ToolBox for creating a window for display and also uses the menus and Color Picker.
The series of Schema2 has reached Part 5. This is all about understanding, writing and debugging Macros.
There are lots of reviews this month. 2 hardware articles reviewed the Kyocera M5521 multi-function printer and a nifty little Optical Mouse pen (both from a general viewpoint and accessing under RISC OS). The OCRonline website is covered (spoiler - it is free to use and works with Netsurf!). There is also a review of the Amcog Game 'Spy Mission: The Ice Caves of Dr Atom'.
I found plenty of interest in this edition, and it will appeal to a wide range of readers.
Drag'n'Drop website
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Drag'n'Drop 10i5 edition reviewed