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The Icon Bar: News and features: !Fuse 1.57 reviewed

!Fuse 1.57 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:14, 5/8/2021 |
One of the exciting developments from the RISC OS Cloverleaf project has been the release of a much more modern version of the Fuse Sinclair Spectrum emulator to run on modern RISC OS machines.

If you pine for the chance to play Spectrum games (ideally without the old rubber keyboard), there are lots of Sinclair Spectrum games freely available to download from the Internet. This review would have been written much quicker if I had not stumbled upon quite a few 'old friends' while researching it!
There was an old version of Fuse available for RISC OS - Cloverleaf brings it bang up to almost the latest version (!Fuse is 1.57 and the latest release is now 1.60) and it now runs on modern machines (I did exhaustive testing on my Titanium).


You can download the game directly from the Cloverleaf website and it is also setup to work as a RiscPkg.
Once installed, you make download a Spectrum ROM image, set the type to &BA0 and double-click on the game or open the game in !Fuse. I found it best not to run !Fuse and then try to load the game by double-clicking on the ROM file.
!Fuse has its own GUI and runs in a window. The !Fuse menu appears when you press F1 - there are no RISC OS menus, icon in the icon bar or fullscreen mode.
I am really grateful to Cloverleaf for updating !Fuse. And if you will excuse me, I have to get back to 1982...
CloverLeaf Downloads page
  !Fuse 1.57 reviewed
  grannyg (08:15 5/8/2021)
  nytrex (10:10 5/8/2021)
Chris Gransden Message #125164, posted by grannyg at 08:15, 5/8/2021
Posts: 51
Not sure about the Cloverleaf version but the version available via PackMan on riscos.info has working sound. Fullscreen also works. There's an option in the 'F1' menu.
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Alan Robertson Message #125165, posted by nytrex at 10:10, 5/8/2021, in reply to message #125164
Posts: 76
I was running this new version of Fuse shortly after it was released and was trying to complete many of the text adventures I failed to complete when I was a child. I found it very therapeutic being able to finally put these demons to rest.

Thanks for this.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: !Fuse 1.57 reviewed