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Mailing List Database

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 19:24, 26/5/2005 | , ,
messenger proThe keen eyed of you will have spotted that we added a new page to the 'Comms' section of the site a couple of weeks ago.

After having problems with a certain RISC OS application I found the need to see if there was a mailing list where I could get help, and realised that there wasn't a comprehensive list of mailing lists for RISC OS anywhere. Even a Google search didn't reveal the list I wanted! (although I later found the list by asking on our forums).

To solve this problem, we have introduced the RISC OS Mailing List Database - an alphabetical list of RISC OS themed mailing lists. We have started it off with a few entries, but are looking for you to let us know the ones we have missed.

Mailing List Database
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  Mailing List Database
  ad (13:53 29/5/2005)
  helpful (18:25 31/5/2005)
Andrew Duffell Message #93573, posted by ad at 13:53, 29/5/2005

Posts: 3256
Thanks to everyone who has sent in lists (I've been impressed with the response). If it hasn't been added yet then it will be over the next few days, and I email everyone back once it has been added.
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Bryan Hogan Message #93574, posted by helpful at 18:25, 31/5/2005, in reply to message #93573
Posts: 235
Good work - definitely something that was needed.
However, this just emphasises how stupid mailing lists are!
They are fine for low volume announcements, but general discussions about software belong in comp.sys.acorn.apps not on multiple separate mailing lists where far fewer people can see and contribute. How are we supposed to compare and discuss the merits of packages when each group of users are in their own little email world?
If I was on the mailing lists of all the software I owned I would be getting hundreds of emails a day, rendering my mail account unuseable from any mobile device.
I'm not that keen on web forums either ;-)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Mailing List Database